so i meet this girl at uni, in IT lab, i just asked here something about XHTML and then conversation runs really smoothly. Before she left I asked her for her phone number but instead she told me I can give her mine, so I just told her to give me her facebook id.She is studing full-time and I'm studing part-time, and I won't have any more lectures this year, but I told her on facebook that there is event about how to get first job in IT and she told me that she's already registered to this event and she's coming. She sent me two winks. Btw her facebook status says that she got boyfriend in ukraine but she never mentioned it so i think it's ok. So at the event i was like 2 minutes late and couldn't sit near her ,i found out later that she came with her girl friend. We introduced to each other but conversation wasn't that smooth i mean i had pauses and i don't do that well with sets like i do one-on-one. Also i fallen hard for this girl ,can't stop thinking about her cause she's exactly my type, she's ukrainian and she's very smart, and i really like itelligent women. So my question is what are my chances are to get a date with her, what to do etc. cause I made good first impression, but second wasn't that great .U guys think that i'm AFC and to be honest I feel like one but there was time , just couple months ago when I was going out regurally and I was getting numbers all the time. But she is different than other women and I really want to get that date.