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    Default F-Close progress: So close yet so far!

    I'm just going to post my old thread as reference:

    TL;DR: OKCupid, to Number Close to texting to sexting/nude pics

    So she was watching a movie last night with a girlfriend and:

    Me I'm a much better partner for horror movies.
    Her ...then I wouldn't be alone in my bed
    Me You don't have to be. Monsters are scared of me
    Her I.. would scare monster with the way i look right now
    Me That's ok, I'm sexy enough for the both of us
    Her Well aren't you smooth

    I then sent a topless pic flexing after a great workout (dat pump lol). This reciprocated to her dozens of pics sent to me

    Her Nice undies... do you always rest your junk on the counter (I was a little close to the counter lol)
    Me Those could be your kisses (black boxers with red lips on them) all over me, but something so talented shouldn't be called junk, missy!

    She said I better be able to back that up, and sent a topless pic. Then I went into "Imagine me..." sexting.

    My Problem: No F-Close!

    I told her that I'm going to drive over and give her the rough fark she's dreaming about.

    Instead I received: You're not getting it that easy.

    I told her that some playing around would fix her problem.

    Again: Nope not that either. It's all too easy to convince someone via text, we need to meet in person first.

    She wanted more pics so I took some 8==D shots haha. I thought this might push it over the edge. She said how she was so horny. Describing in great detail what she "wants".

    Anyway. I'm really confused. How did this not turn into a F-Close? Is this a common obstacle that is dealt with? Should I carry on as usual and use this to my advantage? Does she sound like a total gamer?
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    Default Re: F-Close progress: So close yet so far!

    I never send the me that is your mistake right there. If she's sending dirty pics and asking for some in return u respond with....'if you come and take them you can have them ' or something similar, from what I see she's getting all the sexual gratification she wants off you by text. Stop with the dirty texts for a bit, set up a d2 and escalate like fuck. That's what I'd do

    Linking x

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