I was representing my school on an education festival. Met HB9 on the last day (she was also representing her school), asked her number, she gave it to me. So i told her "What are you doing after the festival?", she replies "No plans.", so I tell her "Will call you after I finish here, let's go for a drink.". So after it all ended we met. She brought 3 of her girl friends along. Went out with them, kept the conversation going, we all laughed/had a good time. A friend of mine also joined us later. I think it all went well, no awkward pauses, good conversation. Some hugging as well.

What to do now? Does it count as a first date, do I wait some time before I call her again? What if she brings her friends along again? They were hot too, took one of her girl friends' number as well (not in front of the HB9, she was ahead so she did't notice). Was it a mistake? How to proceed now, don't want to end up in the "friend zone". Also I'm new to this, so treat me as an AFC.
Any help will be appreciated, thanks.