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    Default Need advice for a girl I'm already dating

    I already had 3 dates with a girl I met about a month ago. We met at a party, after that we were texting for about 2 weeks and then she invited me to her b-day party when we hooked up, then a few days later we had our first date. It's all fun, but the problem is she is passive so far. I mean, she won't text me if I don't do it first, she doesn't call me, although she immediately agrees to go out if I invite her (if she is free of course). We hug, kiss, hold hands and stuff like that, but again, she won't kiss me unless I go for a kiss (except for a couple of times when she kissed me on the cheek). It's like, she doesn't back up, yet at the same time she won't take initiative for anything...
    My question is: is she still a little afraid to open herself, because it's too early, or is she playing some kind of games to me? I would take any advices, guys

    P.S. I'm new to PUA, so I might sound a little noobish lol


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    Default Re: Need advice for a girl I'm already dating

    I don't really see a problem here. Some girls just don't text first... oh and just so you know almost all girls don't go in for the kiss first, it's your job to escalate that.

    Just keep going you're doing fine. She's agreeing to come out with you so just relax and enjoy it. Don't get too hung up on the minor details.

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