Hey Guys, I'm new on this site and I've never done anything like this before but your boy needs some help/advice on what to do next.
I've been texting this girl on facebook lately and I've known this girl since kindergarten. I've had a crush on this particular girl back in grade school, but now I'm kinda interested in her again. (both in college now and in our early 20's)
We used to be neighbors and we were real good friends but now we lost touch. However, i'm trying to rekindle with her and show her a brand new me.
here's our latest conversation:

me: Hey wassup! How you been?

her: Hey! Pretty good hbu?

m: Doing pretty well. Anything exciting going on with you lately?

h: That's good! Not really just working and going to school, moving out soon which I'm excited about lol whatcha been up to?

m: Same old, same old haha. I've been going to this culinary school for cooking lately...WAIT! You're moving out soon?!

h: Nice! That's awesome man. Yep you remember (friends name) We're moving into a big ass basement in someone's house so ill finally be free from my parents lol

m: Yeah, I remember (friends name) Well, I hope you're still around the area after you've moved though haha. However, I'm very happy for you, Congrats!!

h: Thank you! Ill be in (same town) still lol so just hit me up whenever

m: Oh, that's fantastic! Yay!! Oh yeah, my friend and I were having a friendly debate and we need an outside opinion: who lies more, women or men? Lol

h: Hahaha well of course I'm gonna say men but you some females are shady also. Can't really decide on that one lol

m: Lol, I guess I've earned some brownie points from you! I think that guys lie more but females are better liars

h: Yep you're def right about that I can agree w that one haha

m: I know most girls are shady, but you on the other hand, aren't one of them. I like that lol

(A few days have passed, she replied to my facebook text)

h: Yeah another reason I don't like females very much hahah

m: To be honest...I really miss seeing you lol :/ (at this time i was drunk with couple of friends at a bar haha)

h: Aww miss you too (my name) !! We should chill soon!

(next day)

m: Hey! When are you free this week? I want to grab some lunch with you

h: I'm gonna be moving this week so I'm not sure but just send me a text! I'm off Thursdays

m: I was dumb enough to lose your phone number haha. Do you think I can get it again? Let me know if you need any help moving, because I have a truck.

h: LOL no problem its (xxx-xxx-xxxx). okay cool thanks!

A few days has passed now..I want to be different, sound like an interesting person now, and I don't want to bored her to death lol.

What should I do now?

Thanks guys!