Hi guys,

I am new to all this PUA and dating stuff even though I'm already 32, but recently back on the market and have to get some flirt skills.

Ok, here is my issue:
I am dating this lovely girl (25) I was having a little affair with a few years back. At that time I was single and she just separating from her husband. She also has a 4yo child.

We started writing on FB 4 weeks ago and have been out the last two weekends. Everything was fine and we had a good time, talked and laughed a lot. We also went to a nightclub in her village last Saturday where I didn't know anybody, but met a few of her male friends and we had a good time. When we were talking I always put my hand on her back or shoulder and she did the same. After talking with one of her other friends she disappeared and after ca. 1 hour I got the message "I'm upstairs". Nothing else. No response to my "You don't like us anymore? ". However, after another 1,5-2 hours I left the other guys and went upstairs. She asked reproachfully why I didn't come earlier. She told me that she met some friends and introduced me to them (all girls). But they left after a few minutes and she became quite sad. However on the way back she picked up the topic that one of her male friends, I was talking with, told her that I must have a crush on her. The topic relationship was always between us and the weekend before she said that it was a pity that we didn't meet when she was single etc. I turned it down as I didn't want to look needy. Not sure if it was a mistake...
However, we spoke about us and relationship and she asked to talk another time about it as she was a bit drunk and also tired.

We haven't met since then and communicated only via text. That is the part where I need your advise on how to react. Either she is trying to avoid a meeting or it is a test to see how much I want it. I have tried to follow some texting rules and to text positive and in a cheery mood.

Her: Hi, I have been thinking about what you told me. Well, I don't know what to say because I can't imagine. So we can discuss it anytime.

Me (1 hour later): Hehe, you can't imagine? Tze, tze. Be creative. What about meeting on Saturday, go somewhere, have a good time and let me help your imagination get wings?

Her (3min later): We'll see when I will be back, yea.

Me (3 hours later at 11pm): Deal. Till then don't you dare having filthy dreams about me. Good night cutie.

Her (3min later): So late for texting me ... it's night.

Me (10min later): No, it's evening. Just came home and maybe I'm a bit drunk. Anyway, sleep well.

Her (2min later): Go to sleep...

Me (next morning 9am): Hehe, just had the best cappuccino ever. A good way to start the day. When will you be back?

Her (2hours later): Good. Be back today...

Me (8pm): Very nice. Then don't make any plans for Saturday and let me surprise you.

Her (8:20pm): Oh, ok. Won't plan, but we will see...

So, the last message was yesterday evening. I am not sure how to reply to that one. She hates making plans in advance. But I don't have much spare time at the moment and need to plan.

I really don't know what to think about it and how to reply.
Should I just write back that she shall let me know by tomorrow evening or better that I will give her a call tomorrow? I don't want to talk about this relationship thing on the phone and I don't want any further texting.

Do you have any advise?

Many thanks,