I started an account a while ago, changed my pics, changed my opening message and completely rewrote my profile to this, my old one was the typical bla bla bla boring ass crap. So far I have gotten a few responses as opposed to before pretty close to 0 responses.

Self Summary
New to ..... and looking to meet some nice, down to earth, and adventurous girl with whom I can do crazy, wild, awesome and epic stuff with, such as, but not limited to; skydiving, wrestling bears, fighting ninjas, climbing mountains, and of course occasionally going on relaxed slow paced romantic dates that do not involve any of the previously mentioned insane activities.

What I am doing with my life
Just trying to make my way through this insane world that we live in, you know what I mean?

What I am good at
Chopping down trees with my bare hands, and wrestling bears (cue old spice whistle)

First thing people notice about me
Thats actually a really good question and I honestly don't know. Most people I talk to are friends / family that I have known forever so they are not exactly lining up to say to me "hey man you know what you have such a lovely smile" or " Hey has anyone told you that looking into your beautiful blue eyes is a life changing experience?"

favorite books, movies, food shows etc.
For books, I do not read all that much but I will sit and be intellectual for a bit if the book is about architecture, history, or space (space is pretty awesome). As for music, if you listened to my ipod for a couple of songs you would swear I was a depressed teenage girl that broke up with her bf, then the next song you would swear I was a heavy metal headbanger, then the next song I am a gangster rapper, and then the next song I am a country hick living in the back woods somewhere. I literally listen to a little bit of everything.

6 things I cant do with out
- My family
- My friends
- My bed a.k.a the most comfortable thing ever
- My 30 minute excessively hot showers
- The occasional adventure
- Laughing. If you can not find a reason to laugh once in a while, your doing this whole thing they call "life" wrong.

I spend time thinking about
Mostly my career/future, and of course women and all their complex intricacies that at times make quantum physics and the theory of relativity seem so simple and understandable.

On a friday night I am?
Enjoying life

most private thing I will admit
That I may or may not sing in the car when on long drives by myself.

message me if
- You can take a joke. Like seriously take a joke.
- You are planning to take over the world. Tell me your plan, I am interested in hearing it and I will tell you if I think it will work or not.
- You have saved someones life, because thats pretty awesome
- If you are a NY Yankee fan, or a NY Giants fan. If you are a Red Sox fan or a Pats fan, its not necessarily a deal breaker, but you gotta really make up for it somehow.
- If you want to, or have any questions
- If you are genuinely a good person

Do Not Message me if:
- you are stuck up
- you think you are gods gift to the world
- you are crazy (in a bad way) and are super controlling. I dont have time for that nonsense.

I have 4 pictures, one of me just smiling for a camera by yself in black and white (my main pic) one of me with a HB10 with her arm around me at a bar, one of me sitting in a chair with a funny smile holding a book that is long and narrow and is placed by my crotch, one of me sitting in a chair in a fire with a group of friends cheering me on at a party. I am not a model by any means but I am ok looking (I think anyway) and I wanted to capture my sense of humor in the profile and the pictures, because thats one of my best qualities. Sorry for such a long post.