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    Default stealing from a friend

    morning guys first post for me here.

    Last night was my friends birthday so a group of 8 of us did a bar tour of sorts

    We started at a Mexican resturant at which my buddy found one of the waitresses attractive. so I told him to get ready, and then next time she walked by I said excuse this guy here has been saying none stop all night about you.

    She tells me that she'll be right back and goes and takes her plates to be washed and then comes back and proceeds to talk to my friend. He interviews her for about thirty seconds age,school,job etc she gets bored and leaves to talk to another waiter.

    Later on in the night we were at our last stop and I was getting bored of bars so I wanted to open again so I tell him be ready to walk over when I get your attention and then ask them who lies more guys or girls? I go up to the 2 girls HB7.5 and her protector a 4. I start talking to the protector and say about my friend whose been talking about you guys nonstop, but we are in the middle of a pool game, but I'm going to call him over for a minute.

    They both are into it so I call him over and talking to him with my shoulder turned away from them(I wanted to mention this because I'm not sure if I should of blocked them out at this point). He was about to start interviewing again so I interrupt him, and say do you think they could settle our conversation from earlier? He says maybe I'm not really sure the 7.5 looks at me and asks what was it?? I pointed towards my friend and let him do the who lies more which they found very funny and we were bantering back and forth for 5-10 minutes.

    then protector asks me did you know if you spell green bean slowly it sounds like gullible which tahnkfully I did not fall for. Which to that the hb7.5 says ohh we usually get all the dumb guys with that. So I turn to my friend and say I think we need to finish our pool game and stand up, but he didn't leave with me. So I played pool for a little then go back over and interrupt them and tell them about my friend who just passed his dental associates exam and gave them the floss brush mouthwash thing.

    we were all going back and forth at this point and thankfully his roomates were ready to go so they come up and tell him they are leaving he invites them to go smoke she declines saying her friend the protector doesn't smoke blah blah seeming upset so instead of at least getting a Number Close he just kind of awkward pauses so I say to her your more than welcome to give him your number. She says to me oh am I?? I say yea certainly and leave again without saying anything and he didn't get the number.

    another 20ish minutes and I see her out of the corner of my eye coming up so I kinda turn away a little bit. When she gets up to me she puts her hand on my shoulder and kinda pulls me to face her so I seemed startled at her and said woah! She giggled and said you should take my number and give it to your friend. So took it went back to playing pool.

    so the point of my long drawn out story is, how do I go about stealing this girl since he doesn't have a phone and farked up twice that day?

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    Default Re: stealing from a friend

    Bad karma steeling a girl from a friend. I cannot help on this one sorry.
    Learn to be a better person not a better player.

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