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Thread: Texting Advice

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    Default Texting Advice

    Hey guys, just need a bit of advice. Went to a party and long story short, made out with this girl and got her number. Texted her a bit for the day after that, then a few days after that she texted me and this is how it went.

    Her: What's up?
    Me: Oh, just livin' la vida loca. What are you up to?
    Her: Just took like a four hour nap, lol.
    Me: Damn, you lazy ass! Have any interesting dreams?
    Her: Nope, I'm too tired to dream.
    Me: You just have a weak imagination!
    Her: Haha, probably.
    Me: You going to (friends) house tonight? I got an ice cold beer with your name on it.
    Her: No, I don't have the gas and plus (her friend) isn't going.
    Me: Oh well, your loss!
    Her: I'll be there in spirit!
    Me: Well then I'll save your spirit a seat!
    Her: Lol, aww thanks!!
    Me: This monday, me + you, cherry berry, 7:32. I'll out sherbet you.
    Her: Can't, I have practice!
    Me: Haha, well then you let me know when you're down!

    Now, fast forward a few days to today
    Me: Hey, Buttercup! Your spirit and I have an awesome time the other night.
    Her: Lol, that's good! (How do I even respond to this?)

    Now, I want to know where I should go from here. Should I pursue another meet? If so, how long should I wait? ANY and ALL advice is great. Thanks, brothers!

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    Default Re: Texting Advice

    She thinks you are boring and un-imaginative. Also you didn't appear to be fun and exciting. Remember, you are always doing something make doing laundry into an effing adventure if you have to.

    Also you did alright with specifying time and place, however when she declined don ask when she is free. Just Roll Off and play the alright I will invite someone else or play it off like no big deal.

    Pet name I hold off on that for a while get a solid few dates in, unless it was part if the pickup that she got the name from

    If she says she is living the crazy life, you may want to have some excitement in your side of the conversation.
    Learn to be a better person not a better player.

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