Long story short: I went on a tirade long ago in high school and added about 500+ people (mainly girls) I didnt know but went to my school which was stupid since I actually knew like 5 people at the school. Wanted to boost my friends list.
From there, I occasionally added friends of friends that were attractive.
I guess I was hoping they would message me and open me and ask why I added them. But what actually happened was: a great deal ignored my request, the ones that did just accepted it with no response (They either don't care or maybe they have 2k+ friends a day and are just adding strangers)

4 years of high school and 3 full years of college later I have like 5 pictures on FB, some are self-taken. Im a normal looking guy and I dress normal (but Im asian and have glasses). I dunno. :/ Anyhow, I get into situations of seeing these good looking girls at my college Ive requested just because they go to my college and they will be in photos at parties surrounded and/or they'll be doing something exciting.

All this time, Ive been saying I dont have time for that, I want to go to med school, but my grades have told me I am not fit for med school and it seems like the excuses fall away...

Today, a girl I added a long time ago, who I noticed went to my accounting class for the whole semester, deleted me on facebook in the past week or so. I was hoping she would open me or something during the semester but instead she was always sitting with another guy or girl. Im sure she noticed who I was and eventually deleted me. :/ I am just not sure - I am a pretty normal guy, she did not open me or anything but noticed me and eventually decided to delete me at the end of the semester. I guess she thought it was weird we were already friends and prob thought I was a creeper...

It seems to always happen like this. I know you should be opening yourself but I do that on my own time with cold approach day game and save anything else in classes by being my natural (slightly beta) self and nothing ever happens.

I think it's happened 1-2 other times where I add some one I have never met but is a friend of a 'friend' on FB who goes to my college. Then I see them in person and pretend not to notice them and I guess they notice who I am but never bother to open or anything either (I guess they're shy too) and it just goes to sh1t. There was this one fking girl who I sat in the same lounge in to study for like a whole semester and she didn't bother to open me.

And I have done some bad FB Game too. Once I tried just pretending I forgot why I added her and asked her why she added me. And she responded 'you added me?' or something like that and then 'I don't know you?' and then I was like 'oh sorry! you must've been a friend of a friend i just added randomly haha' Then, like 2 weeks later she deleted me.

I met her in person a few times and just pretended like I never met her before or remembered and it went well, then I pretended I just remembered the facebook ordeal and brought it up and she like instantly pulled me up on FB and was like 'haha yeah.......' and then it got super awkward so I left and she definitely avoided the area from then on.

Another girl, the same thing, I added, goes to my college, never met her in person. Then this asshole on my floor forcibly removes me from the computer and chats her pretending to me to fk around. She was fairly good looking too so I was freaking out. Her first respond was 'Hiiiiiii' and then he wouldn't let me see the rest of the conversation but I guess he fked it up after 5 minutes and left (he briefly allowed me to see it and it seemed to have gotten awkward at the end when he admitted he wasn't the actual person)

Im just really confused about this but I think what Ive learned is that fking adding girls you don't know on FB doesn't fking work! Or Im just not doing things right somehow.
Btw, any other outlets for meeting girls have been a bust for me too. I do see occasionally quite a few good looking girls on campus or on FB I don't know what to do with.