I'm texting this girl to go out.
She gave me her number in spite of a jealous guy friend cockblocker.
We were supposed to meet last week but then it didn't happen.

Now she replies and says:

My weekend was crazy etc etc.
I haven't made any plans this week but I should tell you I'm seeing someone now so I'm bad company

I was thinking some of these options as a reply:

1. "That's OK, so am I, what about meeting etc. etc. "

The funny ones:
2. "Oh, you were thinking about something deep here, I just wanted to meet for a wine and a good conversation . What about.. "
(I'm a bit afraid that this one might friend zone me. I might still avoid that once in person, but if she's friendzoning me before meeting... I'd rather not waste an evening and a good bottle of wine )

3. "That reassures me, it would actually be an alarm bell if a cute girl wasn't seeing anyone "

How would you reply to this?