[You can skip this first paragraph if you already know text/msg game and have good photos.]
First things first, you need to have good msg game and following that, good text game as well or none of this will matter. Girls can sense incongruity and fake confidence so you must believe your own bullshit when you say it, at the very least. Second, you need pictures. Good ones. There is no way around this, except for jerking off. I have one of my muscles and one of me in a suit before I did a major presentation at a seminar in a suit. Yours don't have to be like that and some research indicates (admittedly OKCupid's own research is the only one I've read on the topic) you're better off showing you casually dressed doing an activity. Supposedly it's a good conversation starter for girls who don't know what to say if they wanna talk to you. I'm good looking and well-educated and have had limited success with getting girls to msg me first. If you do better, please let me know and I can make an addendum or make your own post. The basic rules however, are: be attractive, don't be unattractive. I'm not an expert on anything I just said but I wanted to give you a quick rundown before I got to the meat of this post. There are much better sources than I, on here and out there...consult them if you need to work on msg/text game or find out how to take good pictures.

[Start here.]
My self-summary:
-I start off with a cool quote. Nothing crazy long or really deep, just something fun and a little thought-provoking.
-I go on to talk about who I aim to become (in my personal life) instead of who I am. It shows you have goals and aspirations and that you live in the present, instead of being stuck in the past. A go-getter, in other words. I'm into bodybuilding and Eastern philosophy so I went into detail about that.
-I end with "If you think you'd be into me, hit me up and I'll handle things from there". It shows you're alpha and know what to do when a girl is interested and msgs you.
What I'm doing with my life:
Literally one line, I just told them what I do professionally without any bullshit. If you work retail or something, don't say that...say you're a student going to school for _____. Feel free to lie or exaggerate, but if you do that, you have to take care not to forget what you said when you talk to her.
I'm really good at:
Again, you don't need to say a lot or be very interesting...just don't be boring. Try to let your personality shine through and keep it short. Mine is one line.
The first thing people notice about me:
I have an unnatural advantage on this one because I actually have one very defining characteristic but I think everyone out there can come up with something.
My favorite...:
I didn't fill this out. I cannot see how this would endear you or show any redeeming qualities except on the one-in-a-million chance you have identical interests. I actually think it hurts more than helps, since you might like a food she hates or like a book that creeped her out. I guess if you're looking for your soulmate, you can fill this out.
The six things I could never do without:
I didn't fill this out. It used to say "I can't even think of six people I could never do without" but you can ignore this and it won't affect you.
I spend a lot of time thinking about:
Think of some smart ass answer that shows your wit OR intelligence OR knowledge of an obscure but not totally weird topic e.g. "How Hannibal got 37 war elephants across the Alps." I feel like I need to emphasize the OR part. Any of of those will do. I used my wit to come up with a funny answer but you can try something else.
On a typical Friday night I am:
Think of something funny here and maybe a little endearing, and definitely don't disqualify yourself by saying you smoke pot in your dorm room or something, e.g. "Keeping my mind and body sharp by playing sudoku basketball."
The most private thing I'm willing to admit:
Ignore this. If it's private, I don't get why you would admit it to 3 million strangers online.
I'm looking for:
Whatever it is you're looking for. Age ranges should never be broader than: 18-30, 30-45. Do not make it overly broad or you look desperate. "For new friends, short-term dating," not casual sex. You look creepy and desperate if you say you're looking for casual sex. Girls CAN say that, YOU cannot.
You should message me if:
Use disqualifiers here. It seems weird but it works. Say "If you're a raging alcoholic, if you have big tits, if you wanna rush into sex, if you can be with a guy with only 8 fingers." Things like that. I'm not saying to lie or literally use those words, I'm saying to be mostly honest here about things you wouldn't usually say to a girl you barely know. Maybe contradict yourself a little just to keep her on her toes. Don't say anything like "If you want to..." or "If you're bored...", it looks needy. Again, take care not to say too much.
Fill it out honestly and don't be afraid to avoid answering anything you don't wanna answer. I left the "Income" and "Pets" sections blank and put "Never" for drugs, even though I love to get high and take new chemicals. It's OK to contradict yourself and leave her a little confused because then she has something to ask you about. DO NOT SAY YOU DO DRUGS HERE OR DRINK A LOT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. These things will cause her opinion of your social value to hit the floor faster than your prematurely ejaculate. Also, if you have any kind of issues, seek professional treatment for your own sake and the sake of your loved ones, please. The reason you can say things that would cause you to lose social value on "You can message me if..." is because you're talking about her, not you.
Final notes:
Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation on your online profile for obvious reasons. It makes you look smart and educated, even if you're a middle school dropout. That's projecting high social value. I'll add anything else if I suddenly have a revelation. Happy hunting, gentlemen. Now go out and get em.