Afternoon gents,

although I've lurked here for a little bit, this is my first time registering and making a post. I've decided to make a profile on POF and wanted some feedback before i set this puppy loose and start messaging some women.

--Profile below--

Do you see this? Just look at this tall, blue eyed, black haired piece of badassery!This juggernaut was designed in the 80's to fend off Zombies as part of a government zombie apocalypse prevention strategy.

Since then, we've had this badboy working a career as a programmer with an expertise in web accessibility. Don't know what that means? It means he tries his hardest to make the internet a better place for people as a means to make up for the karmic debts he might have if he is called upon to kick ass one day.

To keep this man-machine well oiled it's important for him to maintain his daily excercise routine which is supplemented by weekly trips to the rock climbing gym (Never know if he might need to save a child atop mount olympus one day) and paintball field to keep his team work, athletics and combat skills at a maximum.

Occasionaly the terminator will nerd out so hard on games, comic books, scifi, sudoku, novels and journals you'll think something has gone awry. Fear not, it's a carefully planned regimen that ensures he remains at peak problem solving, creativity and culture levels. The warrior's mind must remain sharp!

So you liked the pictures, you've read the profile, all you need to do now is send him a message and he'll ensure the rest of the magic happens!
Not convinced? Wait, There's more!

This collossus can't run on action and math alone so he's been equipped to cook for himself and loves it. However, while on a mission, meal preparation is not always possible. In those cases Thai food, Pho or
Shawarma are field favorites.

While this behemoth looks imposing and intimidating, it is worth noting that he has a black belt in hugs and cuddles, enjoys the company of friends and family including his fearless war hound(see photographs).
Team mates and partners of this menschen krieger can expect loyalty, honesty (although sometimes too direct), encouragement, laughs and f'ing awesome times.

For entertainment purposes this unit is equipped with sarcasm and humor not unlike
famed comedian Ricky Gervais. You have been warned.

Faults and issues to note:
1 - Prone to executing bouts of swearing like a sailor; This unit is a french canadian model, tabarnak!
2 - Coffee addict.
3 - Can impersonate Gilbert Gottfried a little too well. (You should re-read all this in his voice for bonus points)

So you read all this, you smiled, you laughed, why not message me and say hi and I'll take it from there!