To set it up, Ive met this girl and weve hung out twice now, weve been flirting and having fun with each other.

Anyways at dinner she kept feeding me her steak from her fork occasionally and Id feed her mine occasionally. She also shared a drink/straw with me and tried my half eaten pickle(She said she hates pickles but I had her try it). The straw and pickle thing wasnt a big deal, Ive done that with friends Ive even shared straws with my best guy friends if I was thirsty. The fork feeding felt a little more intimate though. She also asked me to cut the last part of steak off the bone for her and when I did it wasnt all that hard... I dont think shes that weak lol

What do you think, does it sound like she sees me as a friend or possibly something more, remember weve only hung out twice and she does show other signs of attraction I wont list to make this short. Im a very logical guy so I love having confirmation.