Right I have gotten myself in a pickle - I seem to have really bad oneitis for a girl who I was going out with recently. Quick back story - we dated for a short period, we clicked, I mean really clicked, I hadn't felt like that with a girl in years. Then before it really got started it finished because she didn't like my past - she found out from my own big stupid mouth that I cheated on an old girlfriend - and that was that.

So I started gaming other girls, been out on about 3 dates, K closed all of them, could have F closed two of them but just didn't feel like it (sex for me has never just been a throwaway thing and I have to actually click with the girl in some way). I have been out with my friends a lot, keeping my hobbies up to date and meditating - basically doing all I can to keep busy. I also deleted this girls number and text history from my phone. Last thing she said to me was 'give me a call sometime and if you ever want to go walking in the hills you know where I am'. Which was shit because it leaves that slight .... possibility in my mind.

Why is this bad, because a) I am literally waking up each day and she is the first thing on my mind and b) because I know how to get in touch with her if I really wanted to. I can actually feel my no contact enforcement cracking, I know I am near her place of residence on thursday for a meeting and I am so bloody close to getting in touch with her to see if she wants to meet for a quick drink it is untrue.

Bar punching myself in the face or drinking a lot of booze to render myself literally unable to get in touch with her, can anyone else suggest anything to help out?