ok so here is the story, I dont really have any issues getting girls, but I want "THE RIGHT" girl the one I can potentially spend my life with. I own a company and one of my employees that works for me I noticed has been flirting a lot with me (now i never mix biz with pleasure but this girl was different she is good hearted , honest, a great worker and has a good moral compass.) so we were flirting a little back and forth and I set up a time for us to go outside of work and hang out. Long story short it went great we actually ended up hooking up but did not have all out sex because she was on her period. we text-ed a lil back and forth and she said she had a good time. which was on a thurs I was working outside of office on sat and that day i texted her :I know its last min but let me know if you are down to chill later , if you cant its all good we can always plan another day .. she said no im sorry but i have somewhere to be at 8;30 ish :/ maybe i have some time to hang out for a little while and smoke but depends on what time i get back to the office

at that point i responded Its cool not a big deal at all. I wont be in office when you get back so we cant smoke anyway. but we can make one of these days work so it all good.

she responded back lol ok cool

A day later I saw her in the office but acted very casual since other employees were there. we acted same way we did before we hooked up

I couldent have time alone so i texted her after she left and said hey i have your bra couldnt give it to you or say anything because people were here lol.

she responded : not mine lol

to what i said: sure as hell aint mine, then i described it
and said ring a bell?
then she goes:
Lmao ohh yeaa!
Great :/

me:why the face
her:thats embarrasing
me: how so
her: im not embarrased anymore lol
me:that was fast lol
me: are you down to chill later this week?
her :what day ?
me: thurs of fri

However I did not get an answer now the next day i texted her because i spoke to her before about doing some more part time work for the company since my office manager is dropping the ball (she is extreemly organized and ocd) and i would call her to discuss this.

So when I spoke to her on the phone I said I wanted to get something straight I wanted to know if she is okay with the situation between me and her. I asked if she was feeling weird because if I'm going to have you work with me more I want to make sure that you will be comfortable. she said she is cool hanging out with me because she had a great time but she just got out of a long relationship three months ago and it turned her world upside down . I told her I am cool with hanging out and I am NOT looking to put any labels on anything I kind of just let everything go with the flow and let things fall where they lay. She said that is the opposite of how she deals with everything in her life seems she plans out everything in advance so thats why she dosen't want to have that stuctured because she was talking to another guy and he said he wanted to go out every friday and she put an end to that. So how we left of the conversation is that she wants to work and she wants to hang out I need her because she would work out great for the company but I also feel she would work out great for me if we dated so your advice on how I should play this is greatly appreciated