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    Default Does BFF always mean just friends?

    Here is a little texting interaction:

    Me: Hey Skipper, I just had the greatest idea ever!!

    Her: And what idea is that?

    Me: Haha, you are going to become the world stone skipping champion! I have it all planned out and maybe we can even get movie deal.

    Her: Haha, ur funny. Think you mean you will be the champion and get a movie deal. I'll be the bff/manager that gets 40% of the earnings.

    Me: Smart of you, but we need a real underdog story! :P with my training you will rise to glory and become the 2013 Easdale Island, Scotland world champion. Don't worry about the money to get there, I can get you sponsored.

    Alright, so in this case does here use of bff really mean anything except that she didn't want to overstep and put something else there? Looking for advice

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    Default Re: Does BFF always mean just friends?

    I am really unsure of what to call it. On one hand, it might be a blowoff. On another, it might be a Sh1t Test. She would only use bff out of fear if she was the shy type. There's no way of really determining it, so I would say to forget about ever hearing it.

    I would say to just continue to flirt with her. Continue to play with her and build up attraction. Then, after a bit, you can determine whether she wants to be just friends or if she wants to be more.
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