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Thread: Need perfect text response

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    Default Need perfect text response

    Hello all. I bring to you today, my attempt at escaping the "friend zone". I understand that the friend-zone is merely a misnomer that actually refers to a situation where one has made themselves too available too early. That being said, I would like a thoughtful evaluation of my various response options.

    Overview of the situation
    I feel that I am in the early middle of my training. As such, I feel the need to constantly utilize freshly obtained knowledge in as many "Test Environments" <-- (A set and setting that allows for playful gaming with little self-pressure to get to a certain point. e.g: friends, various people on the street, etc. The only expectation is to launch a routine and evaluate the response for future use.) The challenge I have placed before myself is a woman that I have DLV'd myself to for months before I realized what I was doing. We are self proclaimed "Best Friends" and she has even gone as far as to show me the pictures of her latest lesbian lover and her butt ass naked in a bragging fashion. Come to think of it, that sounds like a shit test. I'll make a note and contemplate on that... However, summed up mission statement: Build attraction with a lesbian with whom I am friend zoned with a minimum of a K-Close

    Established goals
    1) Build attraction (aka escape the "friend-zone")
    2) Test and gauge the delivery of as many routines as possible
    3) Obtain a minimum of a K-Close
    4) Build and perfect my skill set

    State of affairs
    To recap, I started with absolutely zero relevant attraction. This has been solidified by months of bad behavior from myself. I began the process with what I felt needed correcting the most. She actually announced publicly that I was "clingy and needy". I made the first move in this challenge by essentially avoiding her in a way that she could not accuse me of doing so. If we happened to be near each other and she spoke to me first, I was slow to give my attention, but eventually allowed her to earn it. I used verbal and body language to convey a carefree mindset. I stopped inviting her to events, parties, concerts, etc and instead developed a social image of always hanging out with someone, but rarely is that someone her.

    The following has changed. She now texts me first >70% of the time. I try to leave her hanging on a response at least every other messaged conversation and this has worked well I believe. She is beginning to act differently towards me and makes open jokes about giving me blow jobs on a nightly basis (See footnote for detail on this though). Though I have made progress, it is just tonight that she asked me to go to the casino (Previously I presented her with the option to join me and she often said no). I denied her request for the first time tonight and it kind of felt empowering to be able to be the selector. See the transcript at the bottom of this post for exact language. I sense progress and that brings me to my question at hand.

    How to proceed?
    I understand that there a lot of events that I do, and do not, recognize as important that could not be typed out in a reasonable length. I am asking for a spotlight review over the following messages and advice on how to respond. As well, any advice on when and how I should tell her to join me for a date (No asking of course) I am currently internalizing the Mystery structure and supplementing with the VinDiCarlo Kino Escalation Ladder. Any advice that is suited for those styles would be bonus.

    TRANSCRIPT (I am at home, she is at work)
    [02:56PM] Me: Whatup chica. Havin fun yet? :P
    [02:57PM] Her: Ya kinda falling asleep
    [03:15PM] Me: Go take a smoke break. I'll call you at 3:19.
    =====I just realized this may have been delivered wrong. It was intended to be a compliance test mixed with humor via use of the unusual time
    =====I make the phone call at 3:20 hoping that she would have a minute or so of worry. She didn't answer. I did not leave a message and waited for her to initiate contact.
    [03:39PM] Her: Ya I already recruited **** to wake me up. LOL I was in my car from 2-3 opps
    =====**** is one of her coworkers and a good friend of mine. He is not a challenger in this situation. Regardless, it was not a response I was happy with, so I responded by not responding.
    [08:18PM] Her: I'm going to argosy casino u wanna give me your money? Lol
    =====This joke was in reference to the last time we went to argosy. She won. I didn't. -_-
    [08:47PM] Me: I already made plans for tonight. Maybe next time
    [09:35PM] Her: that's fine I got company coming over tonight might get lucky again. Two nights in a row
    =====Another shit test? The company in question is the female she showed me naked pictures of. How should I reply to this?

    As a demonstration of my headspace on this matter, I would like to make it known that I am only using this as a test of what I have learned thus far and do not consider it of the same caliber of true field work. I am willing to utilize any advice given with the understanding that destroying social value with her is something that happened long ago and I need not fear now. I can only go up from here. This would be akin to pushing random buttons to see what happens on a computer as far as I am concerned.

    FOOTNOTE: There has been a ridiculous amount of social pressure on her from her circle of friends in relation to me and her. It was obvious to everyone that she was attracted to me in the beginning and I just AFC'd it. She is now teased by them for "sleeping with me every night". I've not yet studied how that kind of pressure affects attraction, though first instinct tells me that its bad. Advice to material to clarify this subject would be appreciated


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    Default Re: Need perfect text response

    Just tell her that you think everyone should get lucky every chance they get when there is attraction. Tell her to have fun and you want an update in the morning.

    It is a sh!t test. When you don't care what she does and ask for an update on her getting lucky it will make you seem cool. It's the opposite of what an AFC would say. The AFC would be begging her to give her a chance at how much better he is than the next guy or girl.

    It's push/pull use it.

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