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    Default Cunfused?? girl talks about date

    So i asked this girl on a date before she said were not going ona date then keeps calling me until i pick up like 3 calls she did, and then wants to stay up late talking to me, she said we cant be in the same car we argue to much, so w.e i blow it off i am pissed u know and i left a couple of days ago by i text her Coldstone i will pick you up at 8 she repalied Summerfest and i didnt talk to her in like 4 days and she texts me at 12 45 am and says hey i say Hey, and she says I had coldstone =). LIKE WTF? all i say is I am going to bed i have to fly tomarrow ( she knows i am going to school to be a pilot)

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    Default Re: Cunfused?? girl talks about date

    Mixed signals all over the place, resulting in a huge basket case of problems: that's what I see. She blew you off twice, and then told you that she did the thing that you wanted to do with her. To me, that's a no-no. You should just forget about her and move on to other things. If she tries to text you, play along and flirt with her, but don't ask her out to anything anymore. If she invites you, then it's all your call of whether you want to do it or not.
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