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    Default Engaged a HB8 as of yesterday, leaving for a week now.

    Hey guys, Ive started to spark a fun flirty connection with one of my co-workers at my summer part time job. We are both in our early 20's and each match up in terms of qualities and values.

    I had asked for a simple chat over coffee last week, which took place yesterday. During the beginning I wanted to break away from the role of 'co-worker', as I engaged Kino from the start, to which she was very hesitant towards. Things then warmed up as we chatted and the conversation went great. She became more receptive at this point.

    Although I gathered enough of a vibe from her as being very introverted, (and still a co-worker) I decided to not K-close at the end of the date. I know stupid me right... Regardless the meeting was great, and we ended up getting to know each other very well over the 3 hours spent at the coffee place. For adding on to, and keeping the date flirty and fun, I had teased her that I would bring her back a small souvenir that would surprise her from my trip.

    My situation is that im leaving for vegas this coming Wednesday for 8 days (to have the time of my life and enjoy a big music festival). Ive only until yesterday began something with this co-worker of mine outside our workplace, and was wondering is there anything I could say/do before I leave that would keep her thinking of me, or build on any attraction? I know its a quarky thing to ask, but I'm open to idea's before I leave, thanks!

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    Default Re: Engaged a HB8 as of yesterday, leaving for a week now.

    if you can at least kiss her before you leave so you can escape a probable friend zone while on your trip it would be had a connection escalate.that in itself amps attraction.

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