Hi Guys I thought it would be a good idea to compile a thread of flirty texts we use to spice things up and escalate. These may seem situational but you can direct a conversation in a particular area in order to use them.

so here's a few phrases I trot out regularly:

If she's been bad:

"naughty naughty little missy, behave yourself or you're getting a spanking"

If she's about to go for a bath:

"want to borrow my rubber... ducky " (stolen from Duke Nukem haha)

If she's stressed:

"sounds like someone could use a back rub" If receptive follow up "with need me to rub anywhere else" then deflect with "I meant your shoulders... you and that dirty mind of yours" (credit to T-Mal)

discussing beds:

"no no, I have bunk beds with sonic the hedgehog sheet, you can be top bunk" Follow with "do/ don't you like being on top?"

For when she's been rude or cheeky:

"I'm balling my eyes out over here I demand an apology kiss"


"well I'm sure I can smuggle you through customs in my suitcase but then I'd have to leave all my clothes... I'd be naked for the whole holiday "

That's what I can think of right now, what do you guys use?