Hello to all members of this forum, first time posting here but been trying to improve my game for around 2 years now.
Here's the deal, I'm in a relationship with a keeper, a devoted, jealous and hot girl but I haven't exactly been satisfied with the way she chooses to spend her time lately and it's currently doing damage to our relationship without her realising it.
Her schedule has been a bit full because of exams. The period of this was 1 week and there are 2 days left so no problem by my side, I completely understand that. We still see eachother but there's close to none communication inbetween and we're starting to lose it. Thing is she's doing this to herself because of the way she spends her time- goes to school, sleeps after school up to around 5pm and either prepares for when we meet at around 8 or plays LoL (League of Legends) if we are not going to. Time of going out varies, this is just and example. Gets back and plays again till late. While playing that game, I rather not talk to her on the phone because she's getting distracted from the game and loses focus over the call. Therefore I get annoyed and end the call as soon as I can. She knows that. We lately even rarely message eachother(like 1-2 messages a day) on facebook or texts due to her lifestyle again. There's no actual communication in these texts/messages- just kisses, random cute/porn gifs and pics. It's annoying to get messages after hours from your gf. I delay the answer to those, too, following pua rules. Other than that, we've been hitting off pretty well and there's effort from both sides when we are together.
I'm moving to another town to work and we will see eachother up to 3 times a week from now on. I believe communication is key and this cannot go on. She hasn't typed a single meaningful sentence apart from sending kisses, saying "I miss you so much", "hug me" and sending some pic/gif for a while.

Would breaking up with her be a wise choice as not to come off as needy and AFC for bringing that conversation up? She will hundred percent crawl back to me and cry her ass off because she's pretty attached, fears losing me. Hopefully that will make her fix her sh1t.

How do I approach this? Telling her we don't talk/text might create awkwardness in future and make me look weaker and needy.
I need advice.

What would be the best way to handle this? I'm open to suggestions. Which of these would give the right message?
1- break up over the phone and keep her in the dark and not give reasons until we meet
2- break up (over the phone) telling her I'm not happy with her behaviour lately and tell her we might meet sometime during the weekend when she asks for explanation (i'm sure she will)
3- break up (over a text), telling we're losing communication, reply to 1-2 texts and freeze her out.
4- just talk it out when I get back
5- freeze her out completely (phone, texts, fb), get back in town and not call again. talk to her on Friday or Saturday, meet up and break up.
6- point out this has been going for a while and break up.