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    Question why relationships start after you have sex, not before?

    i attended one bootcamp.
    the coach said that relationships with a girl only start after you have sex.

    He said that before you fuck her, it is not relationship - you are still in the seduction process.

    my 2 questions:
    1. can a relationship not be platonic(i.e. no sex at all)?
    2. can relationship start before you have sex?

    or may be i m wrong and relationship is a flexible thing, and does not have one strict definition?

    enlighten me on this topic!
    i want to know!

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    Default Re: why relationships start after you have sex, not before?

    They say that so they don't have to get specific with each and every one of you. The truth is everyone does it differently. Most guys want to get laid first and foremost, then get a girlfriend. It's easier for them to do it this way because the process works with whatever it is you want. If you just want to sleep with her, you can reign things in there. If you want a girlfriend, you can keep going. No, you don't have to sleep with a girl before you date her. I will say that personally, I've found that sex usually happens first. I think it's that way for most guys. But if its not for you, you dont have to do it that way. They say that so they don't mess up their lesson plan.
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    Default Re: why relationships start after you have sex, not before?

    I do have to sort of agree with this Mindset. But it's still too broad of a statement. I think it's all just different levels of a relationship that grows and matures. As soon as you start speaking to a woman you are establishing a relationship or dynamic with her. Friends? Gf? Booty call? That type of thing.

    In my own opinion, I don't take anything too heavy before sex. It's all dancing before sex. Playing games, trying to be coy. Pretend that you don't like each other or don't like sex. That's where most of the head games between a man and woman occur. Unless it's Direct Game you're using.

    But once you sleep with a woman the games cut down. At least for most of them. Now things are going in a different direction. Now you have both shown interest in each other and can now decide what to do with that interest.

    As a general rule of thumb....sleep with her as soon as possible. You'll be in a better position of control over the relationship if you do.
    "All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."

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