Ok there is this book I'm reading and I'm having SO MUCH difficulty completing this exercise I was wondering if my fellow PUA can give me a hand


Below are some examples of turning the above facts into Callback Humor:
• FACT: You talked about how you both played/loved basketball.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Misinterpreted that she was actually a bench warmer. Tell her there is a big difference between playing and handing out towels

• FACT:She is a big Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Tease her about how much you hate the Jayhawks. And that if she was a boy you would be obligated to break a chair over her back and after a few beers you still just might. • Tell her that all of their players were on steroids and that’s why they won the national title.

• FACT:She hates techno.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Tell her they don’t usually play country music in clubs, but that you would ask the DJ just for her. • Accuse her of having a bad experience with glow sticks and ecstasy.

• FACT:She is from a small town.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Make jokes about her riding a horse to school. • Tell her that she needs to go home and get to bed because she has to be up at 5am to feed the chickens and churn butter.

• FACT:Both of your mom’s are teachers.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Ask her if her mom paddled her as a child. • Tell her that your mom spanked you in the front so that Social Services couldn’t see the bruises as easily.

• FACT:Her family took her to church every Sunday.
• RELATED CALLBACK HUMOR: • Put her into the frame that she is a virgin because of her religious beliefs (whether she says she is religious or not). • Tell her that sex is great and that she will love having it through a sheet on her wedding night. • Tell her that she is going to hell for being at a bar and flirting with you.
Callback Humor Exercise
Ok, now it is your turn. Look at the information below and practice misinterpreting this information, while looking for playful ways in which you can turn them into jokes.
You meet a woman at a party tonight. After half an hour of conversation you learn that:
• She is from New York City.
• She is going to NYU for undergrad.
• She eventually wants to be a fashion designer.
• She loves the New York Yankees.
• She loves to dance, but she is a horrible dancer.
• She is a great singer and loves to go to live operas.
• She’s only 21.
• Her older brother is a college football player.
• She does not drink beer.
WOW why does my mind blank out! Is it because I'm Canadian and I don't know much about United States culture?!!? Below are my answers please lecture on my performance or give examples of better jokes thank you!

She is from New York City.
She is from new york so what am I suppose to comment? How traffic sucks or was she trying to be one of the characters from Sex in the City?
She is going to NYU for undergrad.
Isn't NYU is like the Harvard or Yale rejects in USA? So isn't that too strong of a neg? In a form of that her smile/looks didn't get her into the top tier school suggests her intelligence otherwise?
She eventually wants to be a fashion designer.
So she wants to make clothes? Could I comment that she likes to make clothes using as little thread as possible because the skinny starved models don't need much thread to cover themselves? That could be a compliment I guess... using less to make more?
She loves the New York Yankees.
Oh I'm so bad with sports (I use them as an excuse to attend social gathering events but not really a big fan like most guys I know) I'm not going to bother with that one.
She loves to dance, but she is a horrible dancer.
I guess I can joke about her being on America's funniest home videos since she is so bad but funny and can split the cash after we win video of the episode.
She is a great singer and loves to go to live operas
I'm trying to think of a joke that relates to "not until the fat lady sings" but cannot think of one...
She’s only 21.
I was going to joke about her drinking but one of the last facts is she does NOT DRINK damn...
Her older brother is a college football player.
Asked her if her brother even taught her to throw other objects besides a football to see if she was a potential psycho to throw all your sh1t out if she wants you out of her house.
She does not drink beer.
Make a joke that to be a fashion designer you got to fit with your own designs since beers = carbs?

man if I sit here and cannot brainstorm these no wonder I lack so much conservation skill (even though ironically I'm a salesman). All I can talk about with girls is just sh1t about everyone else but nothing to build comfort and connection grr.

Any help on the exercise is greatly appreciated!