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    Default Ball in her court, or mine?

    So, long story short.. There's this girl (obviously) that I had a short-lived relationship with a few months ago, which was great, until I pissed her off, she thought I was using her, etc.. She got frosty, I pursued her a little, she got hostile. Made an effort to "put me in my place". She used to text me every day. She stopped completely.

    We kept seeing each other, due to being in the same class at college. I backed off. Pretended not to be interested in her that way anymore. Acted in a high-status, relaxed, confident way.

    She started to gravitate towards me again. Started texting me again. I escalated. Recent development: Her responses have made it obvious she's still interested. The other day she couldn't stop texting. I cut the convo short, she resumed it at 2am. I flirted some more, she responded with multiple smiley faces. Then she said "I need to go to bed. I'll text you tomorrow".

    She didn't text the next day. I wasn't surprised, I have a good idea how this girl's mind works. She's proud. She'll want to know that I really want her before she goes out on too much of a limb - but here's the thing: We all know girls don't want what they think they want, right?

    So I'm wondering, do I find a way to re-open the conversation in a non-needy way, therefore keeping the momentum alive? Or do I wait for her to think "why hasn't that jerk texted me to find out why I didn't text him?"

    I'm tempted to go with the latter option. I think it would make my position stronger, but the risk is that it kills the momentum I had built up. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Ball in her court, or mine?

    I'd freeze her out for at least a week. No text, no facebook likes, nothing. See if she texts you. If not it's probably a lost cause. But you could try sending her a message with a cliff hanger... kind of like: "You won't believe what just happened". That will invoke a response from her and you can make up some stupid story and go from there. Just don't act like you're chasing her. You need to act like you're the prize and she needs to chase after you.

    Edit: Just noticed you posted this about 10 days ago, hopefully it's resolved by now but if not then do what I said above and if the response isn't good just delete her number from your phone. If theres any hope left at all she'll wonder why you aren't talking to her and she'll send you a message or call

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