I met up with a girl today. Met het at the bar last week and stayed at her place a couple of times. No sex just foreplay. She was in a really bad mood when I picked her up today. She mentioned that her gf wanted to hang out too so I picked her up.

We went to the bar and she was super downer all night, little playful interaction unlike last time where we were having a blast. Told me some story about how her sister lost her V card to some guy who ditched her and was very upset so she wanted to go home and hang out with her to make her feel better. Essentially ditching me (after her friend went home). Her friend made a comment that I didn't believe the story in secret to my "date", and she got kind of teary asking what my problem is. I never said she was a liar but maybe my tone implied I was ticked off about it.

Either way, I dropped her off and she appologizd for being boring and told me to text her when I got home. I left the bar, texted, and now she's not responding (2.30am). Maybe asleep but her whole attitude was a 180 today. I over think shit.

Is is possible that she was just crusty all day and I shouldn't dwell on it? She's 21 and im 28 so clearly maturity is an issue, and she does get moody.