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Thread: Stuck when texting a girl I like

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    Default Stuck when texting a girl I like


    Initiated with a funny opener. Role played for sometime. Girl messages she needs to switch off her cell for a bit. After 4hours she sent me a message, started like. "So what up with you? How have you been?"

    I dont want to give a lame response, neither want to make it look I am trying too hard. What to respond?

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    Default Re: Stuck

    Lmao. Tell her what you've actually been up to. ( give it a little more bizaaz though)
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: Stuck

    Quote Originally Posted by You_Said_So View Post

    Initiated with a funny opener. Role played for sometime. Girl messages she needs to switch off her cell for a bit. After 4hours she sent me a message, started like. "So what up with you? How have you been?"

    I dont want to give a lame response, neither want to make it look I am trying too hard. What to respond?

    Your approach could be different but my approach is just to be laidback, strait up, and go for dates when it comes to texting. I can flirt a little here and there when they are playing hard to get because we haven't reached comfort but anymore I don't give a reason for a woman screwing around with me anymore. Strait up text them who I am, about how we met and go for the date. I used to drag these convos out for weeks and months and never ask them out and while it was interesting it never went anywhere and was actually quite frustrating. This is why I am strait to the point of asking a girl out right the next day when I text or or build up to that over a short time. I save all the flirting and teasing for the sh!t tests, flaky behavior, and nonsense and it works quite well. But if you are always flirting just to flirt girls may get the wrong idea about you that you are just another guy on a approval seeking quest. Ask girls out this is my moto and save the flirting and teasing for later when you already have comfort then she will be surprised by it. But as far as your general question I think you should only hint at what you are doing without referring to her and talk about your plans for the weekend while making an indirect reference to her.

    HER "What are you doing, how you been?"
    YOU "Busy taking care of something, making plans to go do XXX this weekend gonna be a fun ride. A lot of stuff going on right now hope you can keep up"

    Essentially you always want to seem busy (not a liar) active and have a healthy social life. If you have boring responses, lame excuses, and weak replies chances are you seem like a social flea rather than a butterfly and don't understand the social dynamics for attracting a female to your flame. You need to always have stuff on your mind like plans for that weekend, date ideas for that next day or weeks in advance, flirtatious preparation for dealing with girls playing hard to get and along those lines just in general have a life of your own. How would you ever attract anyone if when with said person you shrink like a clam and forget to share your own personal interests and desires?

    You "What's Up"
    You "Oh nothing"
    You "Just hanging out"
    You "Hey you busy?"
    You "How's it hanging, how was your vacation?"
    You "Watching tv, hanging out with friends, how's my nickname with all her wonder?"

    AFC, Friendzone, Lame, Boredom. Have a life your texts should be like long intros, long explanations, because of all the interesting things you have to say. Make your texts short at times to ping but nothing else.

    Again strait up and laidback is the way to go if you wanna text without asking her out. But I always recommend asking them out since you got their # for a reason, to see them again! Even if you are asking them out a couple weeks in advance better to give them something to look forward to than everything just hanging in limbo till weeks, months, or longer. Eventually they will just lose interest in you once you never ask them out. Why did girls stop responding, because guys stopped asking girls out! (Not 100% of the issue but 100% of my issue) So far 4 for 4 of all the last girls I met when mentioning a Day 2 right away or weeks in advance the attraction went through the roof and those women wouldn't leave me alone. Always wondered why I never got responses till I started asking girls out now I have to fend them off with a stick and cut them off.

    Also this is a growing trend I am seeing on here lately. One sentence from you, then one sentence from her, then one from you, it's like an endless thread of nothing but small talk.

    For Example On a average day goes something like this

    Guy "Hey HB6-10 thought about you staying out of trouble did you eat your good girl pills today? I just remembered I forgot to tell you something.
    Girl "Lol nice one, oh really what's that."
    Guy "You remind me of this ocean blue sky I just took a picture of and posted on FB."
    Girl "Oh my gosh I can't wait to see it, send it to me."
    Guy "Yeah maybe if you play your cards right."
    Girl "I'll be good I promise."
    Guy "You better."
    Girl "What will I get if I do?"
    Guy "I will make you my best dish I can cook for you."
    Girl "Hope to try some."
    Guy "Yeah maybe we can concoct our own together!"
    Girl No response

    Now granted this is not a true thread but a sample of what many guys try to do and they wonder why the convo ends. Well first you were just having small talk so why so down? Secondly why do so many guys have threads like this? What even is this? I put this out and meant it to be cliche because I keep seeing this as a growing trend. I will be more descriptive with my texts and what I am using more often. But yeah I run long flipping texts in my intros, replies, and responses and it is now always about getting the date, asking for a date, getting past the sh!t tests or flakes to get the date. A few girls back I literally had to build comfort through flirting and teasing for literally 3 days strait before she finally started considering going out with me! She kept on keeping on the hold flirting path and I lost the game. So save your flirting techniques for conquering the flirting queens but really why should our threads look like this when we can ask for dates, then after dates go into all the details about how much we want to cook for each other, play with each other's heads and so forth? But lately I am just saving the small talk for building comfort when they play hard to get, flirting for when they flake, teasing when they sh!t test me, the possibilities are endless. My favorite tool of the trade though right now is discussing my life and how busy I am (I am actually getting really busy sarging every weekend and social circle growing because of that), what I am doing for the weekend. I just had to blow this girl off this weekend for Day 3 because I'm too busy sarging and seeing friends I met while sarging it's crazy!

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