So I added this HB9 from POF on FB a couple months back to create a Jealousy Plotline with another girl that was her friend. That strategy didn't help because said target (HB10) got a boyfriend and didn't tell me which caused me to go AFC at that moment and lost her. Either way I re-added this one again on FB just for fun and just started posting stuff on her posts and she always laughs, lols, or makes funny remarks, and I think I might like her.

So I messaged her and we have messaged back and forth 2 times now. Got two responses so far and I just responded with a proposed meet up for a Hotel Pool Party but she hasn't responded yet (only 1 hour ago and took her a day to get back to me on the other one). So my question is should I try to send her another message in a couple of days if she doesn't respond? Not sure how to handle that if she never acknlowedges my meet up proposal. I am still currently dating someone (entering into abundance) and not exclusive with anyone so wanted to keep playing the game until I find someone I really like since I am not crazy about my dating partner and think I want to find her replacement and lead her on for a while since I like her company but know there is girls I like more out there. Like I am way more into this FB chick than I am my current partner. And I had a convo today with my current partner but I wasn't all that into her and want to find someone more interesting. This FB chick is just so interesting I really want her.