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    Default Conversation dying off after failed meetup attempt. How to reinitiate


    So some backstory... me and a friend met 2 girls while away on a business trip an hours drive from home.

    when we first met it was obvious to her I was just wing manning for my friend and didn't plan for anything to happen. she said had a boyfriend and things like ' sorry for wasting your night with me, i have other friends i can hook you up with'.

    I was having fun just chatting and dancing with her anyway and wasn't really in the mood to try and 'pull'.

    Anyway all 4 of us end up back at our hotel and our friends start having sex so we leave for the hotel turns out she doesn't have a boyfriend but was 'kind of seeing someone' so I kiss her, she reciprocates but seems uneasy that it happened.

    We go back up to the room a few hours later and both girls stay the night (1 bed) where we make out most of the night and fool around but she wouldn't get fully naked with her friend in the same bed. in the morning she asks for my number and the following convo happens.

    Her: Hey, It's Sarah. Do you know where the Hotel car park is? (im pretty sure she only sent this so I had her number as you can't miss the car park)

    Next night

    me: Hey Sarah, glad I met you last night, it was a lot of fun did you make it to work in the end
    her: hey! haha yeah it was good! Yeah it was okay because i only had to be in for a few hours...thank goodness did you get back all right?
    me:yeah, had a nice lie in while you headed to work. bet that was a fun taxi rude!

    Next day
    her: thats good! ahh man im so it was nice not having to share a bed with 3 other people as well! it literally took us about an hour to get home as well with all the traffic! are you working today?
    me: it was. shame it was you who left though yeah im working all week...what you up to this weekend?
    her: haha, i know. I was more than happy to stay.. im working all weekend unfortunately.. are you doing much
    me: ah that sucks, im gonna head down to the beach hopefully..when are you next free?
    [B]her[:/B]i know! uhm im not sure yet.. i will check my schedule when i get home. how was your day? ah that should be nice..hope the weathers good for ya!

    A few hours later

    her:just checked my schedule...sorry got caught up in the tennis! im free quite a bit over the next few weeks which is good

    I figured it was going well at this point

    Me:im going to be in (place we met) again this monday. you should come down
    her:ah yeah maybe! ill see what im doing. why are you back down this way anything exciting?
    me: its just closer for me as im near by this week.. but its always exciting when im around

    next morning
    her:hey sorry! had major problems with my phone last night! grr! ah yeah i mean there is no party when you aren't there! are you going out to the club and stuff in the evening?
    me: haha no worries. yeah we were planning to make a night of it
    her: ah okay, well let me know what your plans are and ill try to come down!
    me: we are gonna get to the hotel around 8 and start drinking. you can join us there then we can head into town

    2 days later

    Her: hey how are you? sorry for my really sh1tty replies been working flat out! will have to let you know at the weekend about monday because of work. has (my friend) invite (her friend) too?

    me:hey, im good thanks...just blasting life away ! sounds like you could do with a good night out . im not sure if he asked her but i know he would want her to come too
    her:good... i know... ive spent so much money recently though im so broke! i wouldn't be able to stay the night anyway :/ ah really, does he really like her?

    At this point it just seems like shes texting me to find out for her friend..

    me: ah thats fine, we will have plenty of drink with us. im not sure...just know he was asking if she was coming too
    fair enough, i will let you know tomorrow? ah okay how many of you coming
    me: yeah sounds good. its just me and (friend) again
    her: sensing a cute little bromance between you guys
    me: haha i thought we managed to keep that hidden
    her: sh1t. secrets out! i dont think im going to be able to make tomorrow by the way
    me: no worries, another time maybe...
    her: yeah for sure. im in (place we met) tomorrow daytime with (friend) so might meet you guys for a drink but wont be able to come out..will let you know
    me: sure what time are you gonna be about?

    Next day (day we might meet)
    her: Are you in (place) yet?
    40 mins later
    me: just arrived, you still here?
    her:were in (somewhere else) now im afraid...

    My phone died here so we went out into town for the night... now im not sure how to re initiate. or even if its worth it....

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    Default Re: Conversation dying off after failed meetup attempt. How to reinitiate

    I don't mind this thread. Pretty lengthy but like I say women won't stop texting. Of course it is worth it. Just ask her how it went and say you got caught up with something or other and had to bolt. Don't bring up the phone thing right away as it might demonstrate too much insecurity. Leave an Ace up your sleeve and if she sh!t tests you about standing her up just say "My phone died sassy pants!" Then use her sh!t test against her as an excuse to flirt not an excuse to go AFC.

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