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    Default A Little Inspiration for the Online Doubters!

    This one is for the non-believers!

    Listen, I doubted it too. Online Dating can be very non-productive. But let me tell you, it really is a numbers game...or so you THINK!

    It's my belief that most women who are on dating sites, are relatively open to the physical attractiveness of a guy whether it be great, good, or just alright. You can STILL pick up HB7-10's. Not all those profiles are fake. Certainly not on Match. Some are on PoF but they end up deleted within days. And I stopped using OKC for social reasons hahah. But I remember there were plenty of hotter women on there, ones you would normally see and think, 'Welp, that makes no sense, she's GORGEOUS. Why online?'

    Don't ask why gentlemen. Just be happy. Ever switch your search function to Men Only? You'll find there's plenty of good looking guys who keep a profile up continuously. That's because they know what's up. There are a decent amount of gorgeous girls that it's always worth having a profile up and sending 1 msg to any girl you are attracted to immediately by their photo. Let's be honest. Guys are shallow. If we don't see something we want we won't bother to learn about it. So we look, and then we read. Women actually GLANCE and then read.

    Lesson #1: Fill Out Your Profile Properly

    I can go into detail for all these if this is a thing. But I'm just going to leave it at that. And finish the lessons before I give an example or two of "success".

    Lesson#2: Always include something from the girl's profile in your first message.

    Lesson#3: Don't be overly witty or try-hard. Don't be overly genuine (yes, right, bullsh1t, but you have to show them that side of you later. Not long later like after you fark, but still, not IMMEDIATELY).

    Lesson#4: Do be funny. 99% of women find a sense of humor that they can relate to to be one of their biggest turn on's. And this is ESPECIALLY so for first contact. If they aren't laughing initially, how much are you really going to make them laugh later. This holds true offline too. Just a general rule to follow in my opinion.

    Lesson#5: Do come up with unique negs on their profile. This goes back to #2, but elaborates on it and allows you to easily achieve #4. Whether it's something funny they are doing in a picture, a response to a caption they have on a picture, a neg on a typo (you'll see how this works in a second), a bash on contradictive qualities, a poke at a paradoxical description of something or themselves, etc.

    Lesson#6: When you get a response, don't be needy, keep joking, and don't act like you expect ANYTHING but a good convo. If you feel it escalated perfectly you can grab their contact info at any time, if it took a bit I would drop a date hint instead of asking for a number and see if it leads to her doling it out herself. You'll see both these in the two examples I'm going to give now.

    Example 1 (HB7, face of an 8):

    She has a pic of her lightsaber fighting with a friend. Perfect.

    Me: "I'm just going to throw this out on the table, but I'm pretty sure I could whoop your ass in a jedi fight."

    Her: "Wow. That's a strong assumption."

    Me: Jokes, etc. and it goes on for like 15 back and forths, and leads into normal convo about jobs, life etc. I decide I've had enough at one point (she had actually not responded to my last - most likely AFC - message).

    Me: "Okay I'm sick of your sh1t _____! I know you're hiding a wild or crazy side and you have stories to prove it. There's no way anyone is as normal and boring as you seem so far."

    Little out there, but it garners a response.

    Her: "I'm not that crazy, I can't think of anything at the moment. But I'm always up for an adventure yes." or something to that effect.

    So I let it sit cold. Forget about her for a while and pursue other girls and log in regularly. And a few days later...

    Her: "So am I not crazy enough for you then"

    Okay. Guys. Take a sign when you get it. If she's asking you to qualify her. She wants to meet you. So I skipped all the BULLsh1t. And got right to it.

    Me: "Nah, you're alright in my book. Also, you don't have to ask me twice, I would love to grab a bite to eat with you sometime."

    Her: *shocked response* Here's my number so we can talk more #######.

    That's all you need to know. Went on three dates with her now and k-closed early on. Things are dry now, but it just goes to show how you can be successful. So long as you don't make intermitent mistakes between dates like I did hahahahah. Oh well.

    Example 2 (HB8, skinny girl, sexy legs, tats, etc. AWESOME.):

    So the last one btw was from Match. This one was just today from PoF.

    There's a picture of her hording like 3 starbucks cups to herself with a huge smile on her face. Great! this all goes down in a matter of an hour btw.

    Me: "Lol! I get the feeling you don't believe sharing is caring! Or are you only like that when it comes to Starbucks ahhah"

    Her: "Hahaha I work there so I actually share a lot!"

    Seems like a dead end right? So I go to search her profile for something to transition to and I find GOLD! Her profession is listed as "Batista". Not BaRista.

    Me: "Oh OK! Now I get what a 'Batista' meant...BaRista. For a second I thought you were the daughter of a mob boss. Now you're not intimidating at all haha"

    Few things here:
    a) I ignored her trying to change what I said before about her possibly being selfish (we all know she is anyways hahaha).
    b) Most guys who neg a typo just do that and only that. If you're going to neg a typo and not follow up with something funny, you're just being a d1ck.
    c) I set the tone for our relationship right then and there. I am NOT intimidated. Confidence gentlemen. But delivered in a funny way! That's what cocky-funny is all about.

    Moving on...

    Her: "Oh man is it really spelled wrong. Hahah super."

    So she shows a little humility. Good thing to play off. Also, I can't be sure if the ending is directed toward the mob boss/not intimidated part or if it's an elaboration of the previous sentence. So I'm not going to try to play off that idea anymore at all. It worked, and it's done. NOTE: my method of conversing is mostly to use something they say to transition. If there is no clear transition it becomes tougher. You are probably being tested. Just play it cool and don't come across desperate to talk on your next message if that's the case.

    Me: "So smooth. Ima call you Mick Jagger."

    I opted not to follow up with a question or anything else. I was going to think of something then decided she's not yabbing on so why should I and since it's a relatively RFR type of situation I can get away with just statements and if she's into it she'll think of something to say or ask. It was basically a good point to check and see if she was wanting more convo, or was kind of into it and ready to take it a LITTLE further.

    Her: "Just Jagger "

    JUST Jagger huh? Love when girls set me up for this one...

    Me: "Alright, Just Jagger it is. I can handle that. Haha I'm settin up to go meet a friend here, but I'd love to inquire about your rockstar life later. Is there an easier way to contact you? Facebook? I don't really check this that much."

    Few things again: teased her a bit. was going to say something witty about VIP passes, rock shows, sh1t I have no idea, but then I thought wait a second. This is something I ALWAYS do wrong. Online, offline, anywhere. I always keep dragging things past the peak of convo. It's okay to do when you're dating a girl exclusively. But mostly you should just exit asap after things just got great and start to simmer. So I give myself some social value (I'm still sitting here, smoking bowls playing a video game until dinner time but fark it she has no idea. you HAVE to lie to play the game right in the beginning a lot of the time. Sad truth.)

    So as I'm writing out that part I think to myself, well sh1t if were done talking maybe now is a good time to ask for the phone #!?!? Naaaa, so forward out of no where it wouldn't work. But MAYBE, I can be subtle, grab her FB, see more of what she's about, and message her easier through there.

    Her: I've got work in a bit too. I'm on FB but idk if you'll find me. I could give you my number.

    Welp, apparently I could've asked gentlemen, but it was worth it to take a baby step instead.

    Me: "That works as well. Texting is more convenient. Okay then I suppose I'll talk with you soon. Rock on! c\nn/"

    Her: "##### talk to you later "

    Note that I took her offering her number as test. I wasn't letting my guard down. I was contemplating just saying like "okay sure, what is it?" and I'm sure it would've worked probably, but something like "alrighty then, hand it over!" or "well then, what are you waiting for" was what she WASNT looking for. It was kind of time to cut the cockyness and just be somewhat normal and nonchalant about the whole thing.

    One last thing too: this girl had like NO info on her profile. It was one of those hotter girls that just puts "I'm not looking to hook up so don't even try. I want something fun and exciting." That type of crap. If you are sending out messages to every girl you find physically attractive enough to date then you will come across these occasionally. I've never had any success against it. It's quite the shield. It's nearly impossible to play off. You have to look for something witty to say from nothing and you don't know exactly what level of cocky-funny attitude is required.

    I know this is extremely long. But it took me barely any time to type, after all I do it for a living. So I just thought I'd share my LATEST two good experiences in the online dating world. There have been others, but these ones are good examples that different girls take different levels of cocky-funny and approach at getting the number or a date. Girl 1 was more CUTE than hot and had a dorky type laid back profile. Girl 2 was more of a diva and had a tight guard up. Play it accordingly gents. And play it daily. If you can get phone apps or log in through your mobile browser and be sure to going through the daily matches all these sites offer. Just by doing that you can end up running into a pretty fine lass with really no effort from yourself. And cmon guys, get with it, online dating has such low aa there is no reason not to. Just put up a profile and sit on it. I told my friends I met a girl online they laughed for a second and then it was over. It's modern. Hotter and hotter women are getting into it or at least trying it, and it's free on most sites. If you want a GF I'd go to Match personally. Any girl there is looking for a steady bf in my opinion (well at least girls ages 18-28). Other sites are more for flings, but no one says those girls wouldnt mind a bf either.

    Again hope this has been helpful or inspiring to anyone willing to drudge through it!

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    Default Re: A Little Inspiration for the Online Doubters!

    Thanks for posting this. I'll be checking your post out more thoroughly later. I have had very little success meeting women using online sites. I am skeptical but I'm willing to be proven wrong. Thanks again.

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