I been reading The Game by Neil Strauss for 2 days. And here is something i realized from the book, Style consider himself or his workshop student succeed with a girl as long as they get their number or even e-mail. I always thought nothing count unless your lips are touching her lips or your junk is in her junk. I always had no problems opening sets, building attractions or getting numbers, but getting a meet up after the first encounter with these girls always seem to be impossible to me. And I dont think it's because they gave me their numbers out of pity or just wanna get rid off me , because I usually get a lot of IOIs and they always compliance to me before giving me their number and the time that we actually meet up by accident (Saw each other at bars or parties), it usually ends up with k-close or f-close.
My question is, how to get a meet up with girls after the first encounter.