This might get a little long but bear with me.

Over the past month, I've been seeing this one girl exclusively. I'm pretty sure she has been only seeing me as well. We're both 22 and college graduates and she made it clear that she was leaving in August to start her career in a big city, new state.

We both decided that it would still be cool to get to know each other so we started hanging out and going on dates. We went out to dinner and lunch a few times, grabbed drinks, danced, etc. and things were going really well. She was starting to really like me and I, of course, began liking her.

About 2-3 weeks ago, after hanging out a bunch (5 dates or so), she just stopped talking to me. I called her out on the silence and she basically told me that she only had a month left of being home and wanted to see her friends. I told her it was cool and left it at that. (What I found out from her later was that she apparently thought I had come on too strong. She thought things were moving quickly and that she didn't want one of us to get hurt.)

I honestly thought I had blown it so after a day of not talking, I texted her and told her that I hoped we could remain friends when she moved away and keep in touch. To my surprise, she was quite receptive to this and she told me she'd like that and that she was just thinking about me. I jumped at this and we discussed why she felt I was coming on too strong. I told her that I just thought she was upset with me so was trying to fix things and I was sorry she felt that. Eventually she asked me what I was up to that night and she invited me to come over. I did and we slept together.

Over the next 2 weeks, I hang out with her a little bit and try not to come off too strong even though I'm really interested in her. She did tell me on friday night after we had hung out and drank at her place with her roommates that the night hadn't gone at all like she had hoped. We just sat there, played cards, and listened to music even though we were supposed to go out. I didn't want to focus all of my attention on her because her roommates were there too. She also seemed jealous of me talking to/getting along pretty well with her roommate (she basically told me that we had good chemistry and that I could get her number if I wanted to) and opened up a bit about her past. This got me down a little bit and I tried to keep my composure as much as possible. I was straight forward with her and told her I was only there to see her which was 100% the truth. Her roommate could have been a supermodel and I wouldn't have looked at her like that. I recovered a little bit in the morning from this situation. We ended up sleeping together that morning and she told me I was incredible(she seemed really sincere about this) and told me that she couldn't stop thinking about it.

So everything seemed fine until this past monday (our 10th date or so). I pick her up at her house, we go out golfing, grab some ice cream, and then hit up the bar for a few drinks because her friends were there. The date seemed to be going fine. She rested her head on my shoulder as I added up the scores, she was touching my hand for a little in the bar and was definitely being her typical self around me. She had told me that we still had to go get sushi and that she wanted to go hiking still with me.

Then everything seemed to change rather quickly. We get out of the bar, get into my car and it's a short 10 minute drive to her house. I kissed her a little when we got into the car, she stopped kind of abruptly and I asked her if I should bring her home. I started driving her home and although there were no awkward silences - she just didn't seem that interested in the conversation for whatever reason. I got to her house and all that was said was basically "Alright, bye" and that was that.

I had a bad feeling after this. I texted her when I got home and told her that I hope she had fun and hope I could see her sometime soon. I have done this pretty much every time after I've seen her just to gauge her interest level. Every single time before this I've gotten a positive response. This time all she sent me was "Thanks!". I didn't respond to this and this kind of confirmed what I had initially felt.

I wanted to ask her then and there what was wrong but didn't want to start something from nothing if it was truly nothing. So I let it sit all day yesterday and didn't hear anything from her. I still haven't heard anything from her today even though she was supposed to be in the town where I work for lunch with her family.

What should my next move be? I'm basically in the same situation I was in a few weeks ago - either we're going to make the most out of the rest of her summer here or we're not going to see each other again. Unlike the first time when it was mostly my fault, I think this is on her. Ideally I would like to date her but I do realize that will probably not happen. At the very least, I would like to keep in touch because we'll only be a few hours away and I'd like to keep my options open down the road for when I move away (within the next year).

I should note that we do talk everyday in some form or the other. This girl is literally the queen of snapchat so I usually get about 100 per day but haven't gotten anything since monday and haven't gotten a single text since then either. Maybe she is just protecting her feelings but I feel like you shouldn't hold back how you really feel.