Hey guys, I recently made a post whining about a girl who I thought was interested anymore after a hot night of heavy making out and me trying to reach down below in her goodies but it ended in her saying she's on her period. After that we hadn't talked in a week and I assumed she wasn't interested. Wrong, I end up seeing her at the club next week and finally got her to my place.

Watching one of my favorite TV shows on my PS3 and I proceeded to kiss her, then feel on her breast and got her naked. Next thing I know I'm taking off my clothes, in my boxers and then she stops me saying we should take slow, and that she's almost off her *period*. Frustrated I try to talk her into it, but I respect what a woman wants and we kiss some more and she ends up falling asleep on me. Note, this was our second night seeing each other, the first night had us holding hands and stuff. And I agree it's been going on too fast, but agree to hang out the next day. That night was still amazing though, next morning she leaves to go to her house, gives me a hug no kiss. And I go to sleep. I didn't text her or etc the next day because I feel we still need to take it slow (she just got out her apartment lease with her ex so I can understand). I can't stop thinking about her, and I get the urge to text her but I resist. I can tell you honestly to the other women I had sex with I would tell them straight up I don't want a relationship...but this girl is different. I don't know if she wants to maybe hang with me one day a week or what. I want to invite her over to watch a movie but I feel I am too eager, and I'll push her off. Should I wait and see what happens? No texting or what? Let her come to me because I always initiate. Are we kinda dating or talking? I feel like I should back off and keep my options open before I get hurt. And I haven't been in a relationship since I was 18 so I'm out of the loop. I'm 22 now lol.