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    Default Texting Bedtime Story

    I texting with a Latina HB8, and she wanted to hear a bed time story. This works, here is text exchange below.

    Her: Tell me a bed time story I can't sleep
    Me Lol what story do you want papi to read to you tonight
    Her Lol
    Her: I dunno
    Me: Well scoot over n let me get under the covers n I will whisper one in your ear.
    Her: Lol!
    Her: Really ? About what ?
    Me: About really special girl, she has long flowin blk hair <=(whatever kind of hair the girl your texting has) n loves to dance in the field of voilet flowers <=(insert her favorite flower) in her purple <=(favorite color) dress.
    Her: okay I'm liking this
    Me: She smiled @ the sun, the sun smiled back. She sang sweet song and the birds sang n harmony.
    Her: okay
    Me: One morning sitting by the river she sang her sweet song as the forest animals played w/ 1 another, she was grabbed from behind.......
    Her: Was it a bear?
    Me: It was her lover who gave her a big bear hug and attacked her w/ kisses. She was scared @ 1st, then she blushed then she smiled, then playfully slapped him....
    Her: Lol ! You good at this
    Me: Thanks. She turned to her lover kissed him. He placed her fav flower n her hair. She smiled and then they shared a very passionate kiss. Locked n each others embrace it wasn't long before......
    (The next day) Her: You left me in suspense.
    You can leave her with the cliff hanger that night or you can create your own ending. Here's what I did
    Me: She was separated from her favorite purple dress, and he from his pants and shirts
    Me: And then they were among the forest and all of it's inhabitants, in all of their humanity. He motioned foward and she parted ways. He moved into her and she received him.
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    Default Re: Texting Bedtime Story

    i actually did this last night. its a great idea worked out well. my story was alot different tho haha

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