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    Default Responds day after I N-close then nothing for a week

    Hey guys, new member here. Always have trouble in the time between getting a girls number and setting up the first date. It's something I would definitely like to get better at since I feel much more comfortable in person than when I have time to think about what to say. Anyways here is my current situation.

    Met a girl at my buddy's wedding last Saturday. Actually was the groomsmen who walked her down the aisle during the wedding. Asked her for a dance at the reception and we ended up talking and dancing for the rest of the night. Not sure if I really picked up a lot of ioi's other than her seeming pretty comfortable talking to me. I just figured that was because I was friends with the bride and groom so she felt comfortable around everybody at the wedding.

    Got her number before the night ended and texted her later the next day. Sadly I was your typical boring guy and made plenty of mistakes (I.E making it more of a conversation then flirty/funny).

    Long story short, she hasn't responded to my last few of texts. One on Monday, Wednesday, and now one on Saturday. For reference, I should mention that there is about a 5 year age gap. I am 23 and she is 18 or 19.

    Here is a bit of the conversation (can't always see full texts if they are long since I deleted my text history last night)
    Me: Hey name, how was the rest of your night? - 1:55pm (lame I know)

    Her: Sorry I'm at a sorority thing - 4:54 pm

    Me: I didn't know you were part of a sorority. Which one? - 5:24pm

    Her: I'm not yet. Just getting info..... 5:29pm

    Me: Ah I see. Any sororities you're interested in yet? - 5:33pm

    Her: Not really. They didn't make it sound to interesting.... - 5:35pm

    Me: Ya. I never took part in a frat at (my school).... - 5:43pm

    Her: It's just an info kinda thing - 5:45pm

    Me: Sounds really boring. Hope it was worth the drive. - 5:49pm

    Her: I mean we did other stuff too lol and it was... - 5:52pm

    Me: Well good. Glad it wasn't a waste of time and gas. - 5:56pm

    Her: No it never is lol we go all the time - 6:02pm

    Me: Oh well definitely. Road trips with friends are always a blast - 6:09pm

    Her: No but it was actually my mom and I - 6:16pm

    Me: Haha well I'm just wrong about everything aren't I :/ - 6:31pm

    Her: No you didn't know! - 6:35pm

    Me: That is a good point! You guys have a nice day in the city planned? - 6:46pm

    Her: Egh just kinda did what we wanted to lol - 6:59pm

    Me: Nothing wrong with that. Those usually end up being the best days! - 7:05pm

    Her: Yea it was a pretty good day! - 7:06pm (I feel like I should have maybe ended it here)

    Me: Wish I could say the same. My day was completely uneventful. - 7:15pm

    Her: I'm sorry :/ that's no fun - 7:23pm

    Me:It wasn't all bad. I decided to take a walk and listen to music. - 7:26 pm

    Her: That's fun. It has rained all day though? - 7:27pm

    Me: It quit raining here around 5. Honestly the rain wouldn't have stopped me though. I kinda wish I had gone out when it was raining. - 7:28pm

    Her: Why? - 7:29pm

    Me: I like walking around in the rain if its not pouring.I'm weird, I know lol - 7:30pm

    Her: It's all good. I don't judge lol - 7:31pm

    Me: I guess its just something that relaxes me, but I'm glad to know you won't judge me for it. - 7:37pm

    Her: Yep! Lol - 7:39pm

    Me: I'll do my best not to judge you once I learn more about you as well! - 7:42 (Obviously should have not sent this one)
    I've never gotten a reply after this conversation sadly. I can kinda see the obvious places I messed up, but the finer details I am blind to. This is where I need your guys help.

    I guess my question is two fold. First, is there anything that I can do in this situation or do I just say F it and move on? Second, is in general how should I approach getting a meet up after the first encounter?

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    Default Re: Responds day after I N-close then nothing for a week

    Instead of making a new thread, read some of the excellent threads we already have on this forum. Read this subforum and read threads like:

    Texting do's & don'ts.. the "Conversational Bible"
    GunsnGlory's Ultimate Texting Guide

    Read them and most importantly, understand them and apply them. Just by reading those, you will see you have most of your questions answered. And for the girl, just move on, take it as you learned something new. You finally realized he importance of having a solid text game.

    That should answer this thread, just let us know if you need more help.

    To your success,

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