So one of my big sticking points right now is texting and the overall building rapport or some type of connection over it.

My solution: Tinder
For those who don't know what it is, think online dating except it only connects you with people who like you back. All they have to go off of is your first name, 5 photos, and a quote.

Here are the transcripts: I've tried all different types of openers, most work, but they fizzle out except for one girl who I am now meeting later.

I will regularly update this.

1. Kathryn
I couldn't help but notice your big smile on your profile picture, much more classy then some of the people on here. It's the type a kind, genuine person has who can get a little crazy when she wants to but still has a intelligent mature side to her. My names Quinn (:

That is probably the nicest thing someone has ever told... And especially on some place like this(: you just made my day. Unfortunately Im from Texas, but I'm Kathryn (:

Hahaha I didn't know Texas was only 50 miles from here in Coquitlam I hope not, or else you may of lowered my opinion of all the Texan guys forever!

Hahaha oh boy! I'm actually in Canada for vacation. My family has come here for 10 summers on a row now, it's like our second home(:

You've chosen a great place, there's tons of cool things to do in the city (: I assume your staying downtown?

Well we spent a few days in Vancouver but we mainly rent a condo in Whistler(:

That is literally BC's biggest playground, though I question your choice of season. There is nothing like ripping down the mountain in the winter. Well if your still in Vancouver I might be generous enough to give you a free tour of some places tourists don't go

Where I come from is 99% humidity and 100 degrees, this season is perfect

Mmm that reminds me of grad trip, I don't see why your complaining

You like that weather?!?

We're nicknamed Raincouver for a reason lol, sun is rare. plus hot weather gives me a chance to take the roof off my jeep hehe

2. Alana
If you had to chicken fight either Justin Beiber, Morgan Freeman, or Daniel Craig, which would you choose and why? Think about this one

3. Isabella
Be honest: If I would of said "hey" as a opener, would you of even responded?

4. Claire
It doesn't matter if that guy in your profile picture is 6'5 or 5'6, either way shows that somebody is a shorty!! Though I bet you hear that all the time from your friends (:

Hahahahha yeapppp 5'2 (ok sign)

Before we continue this conversation I have an extremely important question... Do you prefer being called pocket sized or fun sized?? The fate of our date lies in your hand! (horror face)

Hahaha fun sized obvi

And why's that (winky tongue face)

Cuz im just a load of funn

We may just get along...
Most embarrassing moment: go!

Hahah what

Tell me about your most embarrassing moment, I have a feeling you would have a unique one. (:

(Mention in her quote that you can see the back of her head on the news where she works, and she's a "Future Broadcast Journalist")

I knew I've seen you somewhere before!! The back of your head is just so damn easy to recognize when I watch the news. :P

Hahah yep that brunette! It's me!

Have you ever been daring enough to turn around and make a funny face behind the speaker? I would pay you to do that... a whole 25 cents ;p

Oh I have news-bombed many times. Sometimes you can see me, a few times I get to go on camera to help out with a segment too

What happens if you get caught? 40 lashes and a spanking? The closest I've ever been on camera was a interview with global news which unfortunately fell through :/

Oh no! Well pitch me a good segment idea and it could be your lucky day!

Ok I got one:
"Lucky Future Broadcast Journalist meets man over Tinder: First Internet marriage in history".. and in other news Australia has sunk to the bottom of the ocean

Hahahahahaha perfect. So good

We still have to come up with what we're goign to name our kids... I want Orion for the boy

Like Orion's Belt? Hmm might as well call him Pluto hubby
What r u doing tonight btw

I'm about to head to van, but tell you what shoot me a text ### and maybe we can get together later on tonight

(She shoots me a text later, I'll post transcript if your interested there was a major recalibration I had to do)

6. Carissa-lynn
I swear, I've heard your name before... Weren't you in "Ted"?


Man, whats the odds of meeting a movie star on here can I have your autograph?

7.Paige (This was a weird one)

Your profile picture just screams "Bond girl".. My only question is are you as dangerous as one? And green eyes are cooler then blue eyes

Blue bitch
Even tho green is my fav colour..

LOL blue is actually mine...
What type of trouble are you getting up to today missy (:

Well what a coincidence :P I had work... Ha

Oh god I have that condition too.. And it starts in 45 minutes :/ tell me about where you work!

Oh that blows :/ I actually just quit my job (:

Hahaha I bet you were being a little brat!

I'm moving so I can't really work there anymore :P

Where to? If you going into uni in sept then you might as well not unpack lol

Unpack? Huh? and yea I leave mid August

Your moving, I assume your packing your stuff? Unless you live in a cardboard box

Why wouldn't I unpack at uni tho?

Hold on here, lets figure this out. Your moving somewhere (with your fam) then later on mid aug your moving out into uni. Right?

No I'm only moving in mid August for school. One move

I hope your not going into storytelling!! Out of curiostiy, my buddies gf made out with another girl last night, would you count that as cheating? He's going off the wall about it lol

8. Charlotte
Finally, somebody who doesn't look like a slut! It's disappointing the amount of woman on here that just flaunt and dont have the gift of a personality lol. My names Quinn (:

hey! hahaha your bad! I'm sure there are some nice looking girls out there quinnnnnn

but any who I'm Charlotte, a fellow UBC student as well

Hopefully your slightly more sane then the last Charlotte I knew. Glad to meet your acquaintance, what program and year are you in?

hahaha what be nice! I'm in arts going into 3rd year, how about you?

An arts student! I'm in engineering, I don't think we can be friends ;p what's your dream job with that degree missy?

hey now! I'm a history major I wanna try to get into law school.

Ok more school, but after that...?

lol fark I don't know too many decision hahaha

Hahaha do you have any imagination at all?? I could see you being an wine lawyer who doubles as my maid!

I think she blocks me at this point, wait a day

I'm just reading you a bit because you seem fun to be around :0 what type of trouble are you up to today?