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    Default The Professor's Guide to Online Dating for Rookies: The Opener

    Hello everyone,

    I've been doing some extensive online research and practice over the past couple of weeks and think it's high time I started sharing some of what I've learnt with the community. This post is for men who are real rookies when it comes to online dating so for some of you reading through this you will think to yourself "well duh!" but for some of you this will save weeks of rejections and confusion.

    *NOTE* These rules are mostly for white, English women in there 20's because that's the sort of girls I go for. If your girl is not in this demographic success cannot be as guaranteed, sorry!

    The Opener

    What NOT to send!
    Let's start with a few what not to sends, common mistakes done by people, myself included, when we all start out.

    NEVER send any of the following;
    How are you?
    How are you doing?
    How is your weekend? / What are you up to this weekend?

    These 'safe' small talk options show zero originality or confidence in your abilities, they will always be deleted and ignored.

    NEVER send a compliment in the first message;
    It immediately makes a girl think you are the same as the majority of the guys online and although you will probably get a response it will generally be a short one liner like "thanks.."

    Do not just 'parrot fashion' back her profile to her on the first message;
    Yes if you have some traits in common, say you're both guitar players, that can be a great way to move forward. However, don't EVER just pick a feature with something like 'oh wow skiing must be cool?' She already knows it's cool, that's why it's her hobby and again like above you'll no doubt get a one word response.

    What to send!

    I will now post two openers that I feel have a reasonable rate of response. Now I'm to state that this is by no means universal or do I grantee success with what I'm about to write. I am also certain this will cause no end of disagreement and arguments.

    This one works better on girls who are a little dark and adventurous and on girls who are sweet and innocent;

    "Hey, so what would you rather swim with a dolphin or a shark?"

    I got inspiration for this one from another post but I can't find it now, if you know who it is link them in the comments

    Now starters this is immediately different from what they are used to getting sent to them so you will probably get a reply out of novelty more than anything.
    There are 3 main responses for this and I've listed the appropriate response;
    Dolphin: neg her about not having an adventurous spirit.
    Shark: Tell her you thought she looked more adventurous than other girls.
    Both: Either tell her she got the right answer "life is too short to make choices" or neg her about being greedy.

    Next one seems to work best on girls who are fairly intelligent and on girls who are looking for casual sex, does NOT work on girls with low intelligence

    "Hey, so if you had to be one of the seven deadly sins which would you pick?"

    Again their response and your follow up;

    Lust: Starts the conversation straight into a sexual edge and as they made the choice you can follow the sexual conversation without looking like a creep, start light and let it naturally run its course.
    Pride / Envy / Wraith / Greed / Gluttony: Neg as appropriate.
    Sloth: Worst outcome. Probably shit testing you, no good way to save this one, go for broke!

    Important to note they will almost always reflect the question back at you. I find the best response for yourself is the joke response. Don't validate yourself by answering her question, just laugh it off with someone like.
    "It's Thursday so I'm obviously Pride."
    Then send her a question about her choice, make her validate her choice and life to you, do not let the conversation turn onto you!

    Right that's more than enough for this thread. If you're a pro PUA then DO leave comments below to both tell me where I'm wrong and where I'm right. If you're a rookie and find this helpful then give me a thumbs up and keep your eyes open for more threads, if this works out I'll try to post one a week.

    Oh and one last thing! I wouldn't try these openers in the London area, I may have fished that lake clean researching them!!

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    Default Re: The Professor's Guide to Online Dating for Rookies: The Opener

    Great stuff! Thank you for sharing...

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