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    Default dont know where to put this thread sorry again

    So from my last post this HB8 is still kinda Elusive but got easier to catch (at least I think). Now literally every day or every second day she would snapchat me and say hey. But after a while (instantly or 2 hours) when I reply she just opens it but does not respond. What does this mean? Is she just testing me or else? Any good comments and thoughts are welcomed thx! (Usually its just a snap of half of her face and then a loose tank top at an angle)

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    Default Re: dont know where to put this thread sorry again

    I've had this happen to me before. You can treat snaps like that almost like spam in your email: all pointless. Some people just use Snapchat like Twitter, and it results in pics where no matter how you reply to it, they are just going to ignore you. Your best bet is to fight fire with fire and ignore her snaps as well.

    By the way, in the future, if someone texts, snaps, or even says hello to you multiple times, it may not actually be a sign of attraction. Some people are just friendly, and others are bored. It takes a careful eye from taking a step back and looking at the situation that one can see what is really going on.
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