So, I'm new to the PUA world after coming off of 10 years of marriage, but I definitely had a great weekend thanks to puaforums, Rules of the Game, and a bunch of youtube videos. I made out with 3 different women and got three numbers in three day, so I'm feeling good about my game, even at this early stage. I'm trying to build myself a nice stable. Please critique this exchange:

AUG 6 5:47pm
Me: So I've been confused about one thing from the other night for a couple of days now....

Her: Haha and what's that??

AUG 6 6:00pm
Me: Even tho you're too young for me, you seem like a smart and fun chick, and I liked talking to you, I'm confused about one thing.....

Her: That I haven't dated anyone in a long time?

Me: Well, that too, but that's not what I was talking about

Her: Then what?

AUG 6 6:20pm

Me: I seem like a classy chick, but the redskins? Seriously?

Me: Go Cowboys!

AUG 6 6:36pm

Her: Born and raised Redskins fan!

AUG 6 7:26pm

Me: There's still time to save you. What are you doing now?

AUG 6 8:59pm

Her: Just relaxing for the evening

AUG 6 9:19pm

Me: Cool. At the Nats game now. I might be in XXXXXX with work friends for happy hour Thursday. We should meet up afterwards.

AUG 6 9:31pm

Her: Unfortunately I'm headed out on vacation Thursday for the next week so I won't be around. Rain check?

AUG 6 9:40pm

Me: Vacation? Nice! Where you headed?

And crickets.....I think she must've gone to sleep. The redskins/cowboys thing was a back and forth the night we met and hooked up. I think I should've milked the cliffhanger much longer. I'm guessing I wait for her to respond about the vacation tomorrow? Any ideas on the rain check and how to start things up again after her vacation?