Hi Friends.

Her: Hey
about an hour ago

Me: You seem cool. Are you friendly?
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Her: Your on my friend list, aren't ya?
about an hour ago

about an hour ago

Me: There's something suspicious going on here... I'm not
sure what, but I can just feel it.
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Her: Suspicious? Why so you think so? You asked a question & I answered . That sir is a fact!
about an hour ago

Me: You reallllllly want to know?
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Her: Yes...yes I do.
56 minutes ago

Me: You know what? You're either like the coolest person
I've ever met.... or like this total weirdo. Iím
not sure which. I'm kind of curious about you
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Her: Curiosity often leads to trouble.
47 minutes ago

Me: Geez are you always this forward.
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Her: That's the only way to be! Unfortunately.
41 minutes ago

Me: You're the most interesting person I've met in a while....
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Her: Have we actually net yet? Just have a relationship on Facebook?
33 minutes ago

Me: Guess
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Her: I'd remember that sweet face if we did.
22 minutes ago

Her: Or maybe we did & your little shorter than me.
22 minutes ago

Me: I'll be in Fort Myers a short time this up coming week. A female associate is meeting for a drink to discuss some business. Let's meet up to have a drink and swing on some Trees.
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Her: Drink part is easy! Finding the perfect tree to have a blast off of may be the challenge! Let me know! I have school Wednesday night.
8 minutes ago

Me: Thursday night downtown. I'll ask for your number before then. Mrs. Tree *wink*
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