I just wanted to throw this one out there for any guys who are having a hard time with facebook game.
First of all I changed my profile pic and cover pic so they were dhv. I got a lot of likes but noticed one HB8 liked multiple things. I only know of this girl through mutual friends, so keep in mind that she wasn't totally random. We do live in the same town but I have never actually talked to her before.
This is how I played it:

Me: Alright so I get on here and see you liked a bunch of my pictures, and I could probably just like a bunch of your pictures in return but I have a better idea... do you want to just go get coffee instead?

Her: I would love that

Me: So coffee corner tomorrow at 9:26?

Her: 9:26 on the dot? Lol

Me: On the dot. Think you can make it?

Her: I'm usually a minute or two late but I'll try my best

Me: Haha okay I can handle it. Well, I will see you tomorrow!

Her: Sounds like a plan

There you have it, only eight lines. I know I could have went with statements instead of asking her those two questions, but I think it worked just as well. Funny thing is, I used to be terrible at Facebook game... until I figured out the problem. I wasn't doing anything to separate myself from every other Bill, Steve, Bob, and Joe who are also trying to chat up HB8's, 9's and 10's. Just opening with "hey, what's up?" usually won't get you very far. I tend to avoid liking pictures too, obviously. Any HB8's and above have 50+ likes on every picture anyway. Don't be 1 out of 50. Be the 1 out of 1 who had the courage to be bold!