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    Default Critique my profile

    Hey Fellas critique my profile...I got help writing it from a female friend but it will be good to know what you guys in the online game think.

    Who am I?
    Raised in three continents, African-Canadian, avid traveller, economist by education, and uber prankster (I may or may not be the Nigerian Prince who keeps emailing you for investments).

    What do I do?
    Every morning I don a corporate cape and rub minds with the brightest minds in Fortune 1000s figuring out how we can innovate and make the world a better place to live in.

    When I'm not working, I enjoy the greater things life has to offer. I love to travel every now and then. I like to explore foreign cities by day, poking in and out of little bakeries, tasting strange and scary new delicacies. Then go back to the hotel, rest up, cuddle up, dress up then hit the town for fun and laughs.

    Locally, I love to soak in natural treasures. Few things are more exciting than feeling the curves of the road as I head up north to Algonquin with someone special or my friends for a weekend getaway. For me, nothing is as relaxing as canoeing to the middle of a lake and then enjoying the scenery with friends or a companion.

    What am I good at?
    Saturday brunch - I can be found sauteeing some tomatoes, bacon strips, and carrots and then stuffing them into my signature omelettes, and serving the omelettes up with sexy looking and delicious fruit pancakes for family or a few intimate friends around the table.

    Soccer - I love the beautiful game, it's thrilling to feel that power in my legs as I run around the field, or the beautiful rhythm in every dribble, and overall just the relentless endurance pushing myself beyond what my body has ever done before.

    Life Goal?
    My goal is to live life as intensely, richly, and purposefully as possible so that someday my tombstone will read "HE LIVED LIFE TO THE FULLEST".

    Honestly, I work 40+ hours a week, but despite this I still do not want to miss out on the other beautiful things in life. So I'm here to find someone with whom I can make some new memories.

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    Default Re: Critique my profile

    I think it sounds pretty good. I'd say try it out and see what happens. Do you have good pictures to go with it?

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