Guys, I cant even begin to explain how important this is. Today and the past week I have just been noticing all the negativity on Facebook by all these dudes and wimpy behavior. Guy posts a status "well, nice to know you really don't want to talk when you don't text me back" ok dude, A. you are probably friends with her and she will see that making you look like a little bitch and wont make her want to text you back even more, B. every girl on your friends list will see that thinking you are a little bitch! WAKE UP AND SMELL THAT MANLINESS!! Have you ever seen Chuck Norris after exploding someones face with his foot look up into the sky and say "Oh why couldn't you have just texted me back!" NO, because he is a damn man! Stay away from the cry baby stuff, brush it off, don't let stupid crap like that get to you and For the Good Lords sake, please don't post that garbage on the internet. Stick to positive stuff. Now for the one that really ticks me off to no end, when a girl has a cry baby soppy status and a guy either likes it or comments and says "its okayyyy" or "no your not ugly your beautiful" or "he doesn't deserve you, take me IM A GIANT P$SSY" guys, please please please please please!, do not do this. Thank you, if this saves even 1 guy from turning into a complete wuss then that will be good enough for me. Education is key! BE A MAN! WHAT WOULD A MAN DO! think about that next time