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    Default Kind of Floundering on This One

    So, I've been talking to this girl on OkCupid for maybe a good 3 days started with a random canned opening; she pretty cool and what not but I'm finding it difficult to get past her "b*tch shields". Any suggestions?

    Me: Do you have a job? I need someone to take care of me while I play video games all day.

    Her: That'll cost you $30/Hr

    Me: Hmmmm that's a bit pricey. How do you feel about pizza?

    Her: Not into it as a method of payment. Not even to help a friend move.

    Me: Haha I mean in general how do you feel about pizza

    Her: I don't have feelings toward it. I feel like we are platonic acquaintances at best.

    Me: Like you were hanging out with Pinot Noir one night at the bar and Pizza came up and was like "OMG Pino! I haven't seen you since like high school! We totally need to catch up." And then you kinda just got roped into a boring 3 hour long conversation about how Pizza married her HS sweet heart Cheese Stick and they had 4 kids and moved to the 'burbs blah blah blah?

    Her: Pretty Much

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    Default Re: Kind of Floundering on This One

    I think you have to qualify her. Make sure to have a dynamic in which you're the chooser. In order to choose if you want something to do with her, you have to know somethings of her. Try some teasing as well.

    You could use a sentence like this: "I bet you are a lame girl sitting at home with her parents all day". This sentence should be adjusted to the context, but the "I bet you are" could be kept. By assuming some "negative" traits of her, she could start defending herself and tell you what she's really like to make sure you get a positive image of her.

    The most important aspect of my post is to make sure you're the chooser and she's the one you could potentially choose if you like her enough.

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