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    Default Help in trying to close this

    Hey Guys,

    New to the forum and completely naive to the terminology and the culture so please ignore what may seem like stupidity. If you have any advice on the online game or just forum etiquette please let me know!

    So I just flew into Richmond VA for a week of work and figured I would take my first stab at online dating To be honest I'm not looking to find anything serious and since I'm only here for a week I'm just looking for a quick lay. I have opened up a conversation with this decent looking girl, probably an 8, and was just looking for some advice on how to close ... if it's still even possible at this point.

    Here is the chat

    Opener: I appreciate the warning and expect a retort I can't possibly come back from. In order to avoid that I just want to ask you one very serious, sort of brief question...
    Can you teach me how to Dougie..

    Her - I'd love too. Except I can't, my bitches don't love me

    Me - Well they say love is earned, maybe you need to work harder for it. To be honest the question was just a test. I don't dance with girls I just met...especially something as personal as the Dougie

    Her - The dougie, really? I would see how the stanky leg or the cabbage patch was personal... dougie seems kind of the opposite to me

    Me - Well I tend to be a bit more reserved ya know? Can't be throwing it all out there right away. Fortunately you don't seem like the kind to peer pressure.

    I'm actually from Boston traveling here for a week to work. I gotta say you are all so much friendlier and chill, but seriously do you folks have any fun at all? There is nothing to do here!

    Her - Well on behalf of all Virginians, thanks we are pretty chill around here lol and well... it depends on your definition of fun..

    Me - My definition of fun...stealing cars, robbing banks, conning old people into giving a nice disarming white boy all their money. But that's what we do in Boston. What's your definition of fun?

    Her - All of that but add "and eating tacos"

    Me - Your passing all my tests! You must have killed it at school, but at least I know here you're not cheating. Up next I got some scantrons I'll need you to fill out...make sure your fill out your answers in a number two pencil clearly.

    Her - Lol okay I'm ready

    Me - But for real I gotta go run to some presentations, the work never stops! Anyway's feel free to text me sometime Send a picture so I know it's you. And please nothing raunchy Miss Stanky Leg (had to google it)

    ***Text two minutes later***

    Her – I’m utterly insulted that you think I’d send you something raunchy!!
    Me – Well, Arica (her real name according to profile) you never know some people on this site have an agenda!
    But you didn’t listen! For all I know you’re a 300lb trucker with a good profile pic

    Her – Oh trust me, I know of the agenda some people have…
    **sends her pic** I’m sorry is this better?

    Me – Much. Although not totally convinced you’re not a trucker
    So are we gonna go stealing cars this week or what? There is this nice caddlilac outside my hotel and I need a fall girl..

    ***More joking banter about stealing car, I try to escalate…***

    Her – What’s in it for me..

    Me – I’ll take you for a ride in my nice new caddy. I’m sure you’d have a lot of fun

    Her – It’s not enough for me to spend the rest of my life in jail..

    Me – Well what would make it worth-while?

    Her – My own Caddy

    Me – Well you can have it, I just want to ride around in it for a little
    Come by tonight or tomorrow night at 8 and we can complete the heist

    ***She continues the banter, not sure if she get’s the escalation***
    *** Tells me I owe her a pic and I tell her to be patient and it will come***

    I have no problem sending a picture, I'm confident in my looks and my profile pictures are pretty indicitive of who I am. I'm just not sure how to continue. Do I need to be a little more deliberate my escalations or just wait till a later and say something like "Hey it's get's getting close to 8:00PM, this car won't steal itself".

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    Default Re: Help in trying to close this

    If this all the conversation you have had, then it's very unlikely she will agree with a meet up. It's almost impossible for her to feel a lot of attraction for you in this short time period. But let's say she has some attraction for you already, then she has no comfort with you yet. She doesn't know you at all, so why meet up.

    You have to get to know her better via text or mail in order for her to get more attraction and comfort. Cover more subject and try to go for the meet up in a few days (depending on amount of contact).

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