Seriously, I'm still laughing like hell while writing this post.

Short background, my veeery old time ex (we broke up like 2.5 years ago) invited me to this party. That's because, you know, we wanted to keep going as friends, wasn't much of a harsh break up, at least to me.

And I number closed one of the girls who turned out to be my ex's best friend.

I set up d2 with the chick the day after the party.

And an hour prior to the date, my ex texts like:

Ex: Tbh, I still have feelings for you.
Me: Oh yeah?
Ex: Yes, and I don't know how I will feel about you two being together.
Me: Well if it makes you feel any better, we're not together, it's just a date. And I don't know if or when we will be (like really really) together.
Ex: You won't be together.
Me: Why's that?
Ex: Because I told her how I feel about you and now she won't be with you.

LOL. My first initial response to myself was: "Ah the women in my life." And I don't know, it actually felt good. I couldn't care less about my ex or the other girl that slipped away. I'll just find another one soon.

I'm not going to ask for advice or anything because I'm not gonna try to "fix" this situation. I don't wanna ruin years of friendship of those two by being selfish about that one girl. And about my ex, eh, she can keep drooling after me.

Just wanted to share this guys,

Have fun and game on!