Here it is gents,

I took this HB8 out Monday, tried to get a day 2 today but it burnt out and now I don't know which route I want to take.

This girl was an old acquaintance I had never really spent any time with until I finally took her out on Monday because she was in town visiting her family before going back to school a couple hundred miles away.

I hit a home run on the date. I took her a several different places in the city, and then eventually we settled in at a rooftop bar. We have great chemistry so we talked for a long time with heavy eye-contact and Kino. Then as it was beginning to slow down I told her we were going to go walk. I led her down the street to the boardwalk by the water... full moon, mood was perfect. She stepped up onto a rock and I saw the perfect kiss close opportunity. When she held out her hand for me to help her down I picked her up by the waist instead, and kiss closed her while I was holding her in the air. After that I sat down and she sat on my knee and we fooled around for an hour or so.

I should have found a way to F-close, but I had no place to do it. It was already after midnight and my place is pretty far from where we were at, and since she was staying with her family and they are super conservative with their views she decided against driving all the way back to my hometown and staying the night with me, or just farking in her parents house. So we drove back to her parents house. She was talking about when we were going to see eachother next, which is a good sign but we both have college starting soon and we are so far apart.

I text her this morning and jokingly told her to cancel her plans for the night because I'm coming to _____town. (Keep in mind I google mapped this and it's 4 and a half hours from where I live right now.) She responded and I could tell she was excited because she is kinda all over the place when she gets excited. So here's where I started to blow it, I told her I was joking but I actually did want to see her, and she was like "Ahhh don't tease about stuff like that." So I went for broke and said something along the lines of, "Listen, I really do want to be where you are right now. Do whatever you need to do, take off work, tell me to come and I will be there."

Needless to say, she wasn't the spur of the moment type girl I thought she might be. I haven't heard anything back and that was early this morning. She has been working all day but she always texts at work so I know she is just blowing it off. I don't really even care why. I haven't sent her another text and I'm not going to, because I will learn more about her based on how she handles this than I will by texting her demanding an explanation.

I understand that this whole situation was high risk/high reward. I did it thinking that it would make a great memory, and that it would be a great way to close out the summer and also this chapter of my life that is ending along with it. If it was the middle of April I never would have tried something like this.

Now I am stuck trying to decide what to do when she does contact me again, it is bound to happen eventually. I could freeze her out, but I am not sure how that will work with her type. If she texts me back tonight I could try to qualify her by mentioning that I thought she was adventurous or spontaneous, but not make it a big deal.

What would you do?