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    Default OkCupid Open and Response.

    So I actually made an effort to be myself online which for some reason i shy'd away from...not sure why.

    Saw this girls profile after she visited mine last week. She actually took out the "must be 6ft tall" pre-requisite shes 5'7" and im just shy of 5'8"

    I opened with the following after basically following steps from other threads.

    Great! you removed the 6ft tall pre-requisite! (saw that the other day)

    Does that mean us not so tall guys but taller than short guys have a fighting chance?

    I noticed you don't throw light a girl, but do you punch like one??

    oh and I've been to 15 Jays games this year...they WON 3..yep 3! I'll take responsibility for this years year though - thats on you! :P

    got a response within 10mins...which makes me think shes needy and/or a good target.

    Haha, I felt it was a little too saucy on my part...but sincerely, it's more out of insecurity on my end than anything. I'm a tall girl...sometimes I throw on a pair of heels and I feel a little off if I'm standing next to someone shorter than me....I'm sorry

    I've never punched anyone before...I have no clue. God I hope not.

    I's brutal. Happ shat the bed in the 1st tonight.
    I can't give up on them though, they'll come around soon enough...right??

    I'm not sure how to take the "im sorry" part. Im gonna completely disregard it and pretend i never read it.

    She ended off with a question which gives us mutual ground (as well as potential date spot).

    Anything suggestions on a reply after something witty on a shit baseball team?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: OkCupid Open and Response.

    Tbh I'd tease her on the "I'm sorry" part..a slight comedic neg on yourself can be a good call too.

    "Look to be honest I'd put on some heels too, make myself taller than you again.. And I'd probably kill it with these legs too."

    I find having a bit of fun and showing you just don't care makes them feel better.

    I'd ignore the shitty baseball team comment.. It's small talk, like the weather.

    I hope this wasn't too late a response for you haha

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