I've been texting my female co worker for 2 months now. She asked for my number so i gave it to her. she has a boyfriend. they where dateing 2 months when we started talking. we text pretty much everyday. within the first week of talking to her i asked her out. she didn't say no but kind of ignored it. that indicated to me that she would feel weird being on a date with me when she has a boyfriend. UNDERSTANDABLE. well 2 months from that point we have texted everyday. 50/50 initiation. ive built alot of trust and rapport. but i im on the edge of entering the friendzone. to counter this ive introduced some slight very small sexual Tension. however im kind of lost on what to do next. would a freezeout be in order? our number 1 form of communication is texting. she's 18 by the way and graduated. her boyfriend is a senior in highschool. i'm fixing to be 22. Alot of people would say move on but im invested and i like her alot. i want to be the better option to her. not be the reason they break up. please help