so I found this shared profile on POF. both smoking hot & one of them has a pic w/o make up on n still looks a solid 7!!

I'm still fairly new to pua but brand new to online dating. feel free to check out & critique my profile, it's all stolen bits n pieces from here & there but I've checked out the guys from my area & the first like 10 pages are all AFC so unless these girls are checking out other side of the world then I should be sweet

username is K_aus87

any tips to open or is it standard procedure?

We're Two peas n a pod !!! probs the coolest chicks you will ever meet !!!, we are besties, air and fire signs (no better mix!!! ) we THRIVE on life , love to have fun and we deffs know how to party!!!!!!!

.....not really looking for anything , just going with the flow

flick us a message and if ya lucky u wil hear back from us. we don't bite .....HARD. promise lol

(p.s - don't be disappointed if you don't hear from us......we do still have a life and not always on here )